Healing and the new frontier


There is a healing that needs to be experienced in all of our lives before we can move on to bigger and better things. God works with broken people who constantly need mending. We will never be perfectly complete in this life, but we will be better. God is the Great Physician and we all have insurance. Take advantage of it; bring your hurts, disappointments and diseases to Him.

What needs to be healed in your life? Are there relationships, partnerships, a marriage, or maybe attitudes of hurt and bitterness that have been festering for a long time?

I have friends who were pioneers with me of music and a prophetic voice during the Jesus movement, and instrumental in paving the way for a whole new genre of music and an industry to provide it, who now feel largely cast aside, forgotten, and without a platform for a message they feel is still relevant. They are older; they are wiser; they have much to offer this present generation, but they need to be healed. How will that happen? It will happen through the Spirit of God in their lives, but it will happen, too, through the love and appreciation of those who are in their lives now.

We all need to be appreciated; we all need to see our worth and value affirmed in fresh ways. That’s part of the healing, but part of the healing will come when we step out in faith and discover God is there, our gifts are confirmed and a new frontier awaits.

I am so impressed and encouraged by our guest Tuesday in his Catch radio interview, Dan Russell. Dan is 60 years old and has been promoting and managing artists’ careers all his life, but now he’s come “out of the closet,” so he says, to record his own music through a Kickstarter campaign, and in the fall, he’s going on tour for three months to promote it.

What do you want to do? There’s plenty of time and lots of need. The world is desperately in need of positive, hopeful messages that speak of God’s grace and come from His hand. Doesn’t even need to carry a message as long as it is full of truth and beauty. That will be a message in and of itself.

And look for healing. That happens first. Tell us what you need. Get our prayer warriors praying. Come on folks; we’re not here just to mark time until Jesus comes back or we go home, whichever comes first. We are here to leave a mark on the marketplace.

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