Bringing the kingdom of God to our relationships


I would wager that we all would agree that God has a purpose for our lives. But I wonder how many of us are convinced that God has a destiny greater and better than our present circumstances. I ask, because I am not sure I am living to its fullest extent the life God has designed for me to live among the relationships He gave me to embrace. If I am not connecting His purpose for my life with those who are the closest to me, how can I expect to suddenly fulfill His purpose when I answer His call to “Go out” and make a difference in the world?

The disciples were to bring the kingdom of God first to each other, and then to those around them. But they were constantly grumbling with each other causing Jesus to keep reminding them that each was God’s gift to the other — just as I am God’s gift to you, and you are God’s gift to me. Grumbling about the relationships that God has given us is undoubtedly an issue of attitude — an attitude of disapproval and/or resentment. Our attitude towards someone always determines our altitude. If you think you have married the “wrong” person, like Esther, but choose to treat him/her like the “right” one, that person will turn into the right one. On the other hand, if you married the right one, yet treat him/her as the wrong one, that person will turn into the wrong one. This holds true for all our relationships. How we treat each other will determine who we become.

That’s why Jesus asks that we bring the kingdom of God to our relationships. We are to bless our relationships, embrace them passionately, and bring the power of God to the areas that require miracles, always looking to the hope that lies ahead. We are to put our arms around each other, never rejecting someone or pointing out their flaws. We are to eat and drink what has been put before us. We are to improve the conditions of the other by going deeper with them, finding out who they are and what they need, and when we find out they need healing, we pray God’s healing upon them.

Once the kingdom of God is in place in our relationships, it is bound to expand, as the kingdom of God is always expansive, never regressive. It is a matter of light increasing and darkness decreasing.

We can no longer let our circumstances keep us from seeing God’s purpose for our lives. Therefore, we can no longer settle for contented comfort zones or darkened relationships or prescribed programs instead of going deeper into someone’s life to discover who they are, and what requires healing.

We are then to “Go Out” and pay attention to the seekers and the lost. Upon meeting someone who is in need, we bless her by praying for her, eat and drink with her, care for her, go deep with her, and then when she asks, “What is this?” tell her that the kingdom of God is here.

This, finally, is what we all want — to reclaim over and over again that the kingdom of God is here, beginning first with the relationships nearest to us and never letting circumstances again prevent us from seeing and acting in God’s purpose for our lives.

Join, embrace, improve, and when miracles arise, give praise to the Lord — His Kingdom Come!

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1 Response to Bringing the kingdom of God to our relationships

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Thx Pastor John for this very good & insightful Catch – I know how much I NEEDED to read it… ❤

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