As You Wish — As You Wish — Dear Lord, As You Wish

Grandpa: That day, Buttercup was amazed to discover that when Wesley was saying, “As you wish,” what he meant was, “I love you.” And even more amazing was the day she realized she truly loved him back.

As You Wish … Three simple words. Becoming useful well beyond the story, these words have come to mean something to us at the Catch.

We report in to the Father making ourselves completely vulnerable to Him and His will: “As you wish.” And  we offer ourselves as His servants seeking what He wants us to do: “As you wish.” And finally, we offer ourselves to each other as expressions of love and service … or, “As you wish.” I’m learning to say it to Marti because it reminds me that her needs are to be before my own.

As You Wish is a message that transforms. And the core of this transformation is Grace Turned Outward, which is the catalyst for the great change and growth we are experiencing.

We know this because we have witnessed tangible and measured differences in the lives of many, causing the Catch to become for many a beacon of hope – the only one they can see in their sometimes dire struggle to live out their convictions and their relationships with Christ.  Similarly, we have experienced many more who have responded in very personal ways to the hope of a gospel of welcome: Grace Turned Outward.

Effecting this great change is the widely circulated daily Catch, and the ministry’s multiple services for practical application (prayer, counseling, discipleship, etc.).  Together, our ministry represents the full scope of the message – Grace Turned Outward.

As You Wish – As You Wish – Dear Lord, As You Wish …

Now to everyone … the time is urgent.

The final year-end hours are fast approaching.

We deeply appreciate the sacrifices made to support the efforts of the Catch so far. Yet our Board of Directors have asked that we encourage you to continue to be generous, thereby setting us free to pick up this ministry while at the same time, growing the Catch toward its full potential – which is huge.

To those who have supported this endeavor – Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

To those who are in positions to contribute significantly we are asking that you step forward, and for those who have already given we ask that you consider giving generously again, on behalf of those unable to give.

For others with lesser resources but no less significant, we eagerly await your answer.

For those who are unable to give right now, we are as full of gratitude to you, knowing the Lord can and will afford the gift of renewal for us all.

Together, we are all fellow shareholders in the lives of many, where the yield is a greater connection between each other and the marketplace, and thus a greater community for us all – worldwide and in our own backyards.

As You Wish,
John and Marti and on behalf of the Board of Directors

Let’s Celebrate

In appreciation for your generous year-end
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Please accept a free gift of
Reluctant Warrior:
Encouragement from the Life of Gideon

Pre-released for Catch Year-end Contributors and
dedicated to the
Catch Ministry Community

by John Fischer

(Gideon and his 300 have started out to arrange an ambush.
But not all will go smoothly on the way to a happily ever after…)

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