Let’s Celebrate

Dear Friend:

It is exceptionally difficult to create a series of requests for generosity in these last hours of the year when you have graced us with your lives, involvement, encouragement, and financial support throughout these last 8 years!

Together we have faced into and come out the other side on so many stands we have taken. The Catch Ministry and its volunteer teams are teaching the proven Biblical worldview we preach in countries around the world with tremendous success.  

In support of the Ministry’s Boots on the Ground, you and I have healed the sick and cared for the wounded and prayed mightily over individuals among the troops.

It is grounds for throwing a party to celebrate you and all you have accomplished!

We salute you and stand ever ready to continue this ministry as you wish…as you wish… as you wish. Oh, Lord… AS YOU WISH!

Our year-end, carefully calculated target is $48,000, of which we have recently asked several Catch members with the capacity to give a collective $16,000, leaving you and me to raise $32,000. AND … toward the $32,000, we have already raised $4,000.

As the Man in Black said when confronting the Princess’s pain,”Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.”

Here at the Catch, we step into the pain and suffering of many Catch citizens within the worldwide Catch Community. And we can assure you, we are not selling anything, but giving what has been graciously given to us – Grace, God’s Grace – given to you and me so that we might turn it outward to many, many, others. And that, our dear friends is truly worth celebrating!


Let’s Celebrate

In appreciation for your generous year-end
Tax-Deductible Donation
Please accept a free gift of
Reluctant Warrior:
Encouragement from the Life of Gideon

Pre-released for Catch Members Only and
dedicated to the
Catch Ministry Community

by John Fischer

(Gideon and his 300 have started out to arrange an ambush.
But not all will go smoothly on the way to a happily ever after…)

Click to Donate

Click to Donate

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