Secret Jesus


You’ve heard of Secret Santa. Well now that Christmas is over I want to encourage you to consider being a Secret Jesus. Think about introducing hope to the hopeless and watch the power of Christ come alive as God did that first Christmas.

Are you merry? Then get out with the unhappy, the lonely, or depressed for whatever reason, and be contagious. Are you sad? Get out anyway because there is no quicker way to lose one’s sadness than to bring joy to someone else. And while there will always be the homeless to care about, remember that the homeless heart matters as much. Maybe even more. There are lots of lonely people everywhere. Hug someone out of nowhere. Surprise yourself.

Pretend you are ice skating in Rockefeller Center when you spot your “fellow man” as someone in the small crowd skating there. Step aside and let her skate through and wait. The circle of that rink is quite small, and she will come your way again. Greet her with a friendly “Hello” and let her pass. It will not take long to notice, as she turns the bend, that her shoelace is loose or her scarf is trailing. Let her through and go after her at top speed before she hurts herself, but wait until she is without an audience, and you are without one as well.

It’s all about keeping your eyes open, respecting your fellow man, and noticing how you can make someone’s life better. Merry (4 days after) Christmas!

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1 Response to Secret Jesus

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Good Catch! And great advice too…. A quick story: jus got home from doing a bit of grocery shopping and while there, after I got through checking out, I couldn’t find my glove, which got me upset! I was just going to leave, yet something told me to stay and look for it.

    And as I turned around, the kind cashier seen I was getting a bit upset over that, and smiled @ me and told me she would help me back track and look for it and sure enough we only went down a few aisles and sure enough she sees it laying on the ground.

    She ran to go get it… I smiled to wide! I told her that I have to give her a big hug! She smiled and told me she would jus love to hug me and I helped make her day! And that helped make my day better & brighter too! 🙂 ❤

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