Live large

“Grandpa, will you come back tomorrow and read me the story again?”
Grandpa: “As you wish.”th-85

In the last scene of the movie, The Princess Bride, the late Peter Falk has the last laugh. As he’s preparing to leave his grandson’s bedroom, the Fred Savage character in the movie who is sick in bed, and “forced” to listen to his grandfather read him an adventure story with kissing in it, suddenly wants to hear it again; Falk looks back at the boy, places his hat on his head, and utters what may be the most famous line of his whole acting career, “As you wish.”

It is a statement of largess. It implies generosity, liberality, munificence, bountifulness, benevolence, magnanimity and plain old big-heartedness. It’s akin to a statement a mentor of mine used to say all the time to his beloved wife, “There’s more where that came from.”

Spiritually speaking, it is a statement of the generosity of God’s love and grace which scripture says He lavishes on us for a thousand generations to those who love Him and obey His commandments (Exodus 20:6). “As you wish,” God says to us in regards to his gifts and power made available. It’s pretty much that your living is only limited by your lack of faith.

But it’s also what we say back to Him: “As you wish.” It’s what we say as followers of Christ. It’s a statement of humility and obedience. It says we’re on board; we’re disciples in training; we’re looking for direction. “Whatever you want me to do, Lord… As you wish.”

“As you wish” needs to be on our lips. It needs to be familiar territory. Practice it this week. We want to learn how to live lavishly with our faith, with our gifts and talents.

Our action-oriented Catch Ministry is now so much more than just the daily Catch: it is reaching the world with boots on the ground marketplace Christians, interactive, life-changing counseling and the power of intercessory prayer through our prayer ministry. The end of this year is a chance to launch into next year. As we come to the end of 2016, this is your opportunity to make a tax-deductible gift by following the “As you wish” link below.

Live large. Live fully. Give generously. As you wish!


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