Living in a meaner, tougher nation


Where is George Herbert Walker Bush when we need him? If we ever needed that “kinder, gentler nation” he talked about, it’s now. But it seems so distant, doesn’t it? Isn’t that soft? Isn’t that weak to be kind and gentle? Well, if it is, then I remind you, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” God raises up the meek and the lowly, and He brings down the haughty and the proud. It’s His way. It’s always been His way. The kingdoms of the world work from top down; God’s kingdom works from bottom up. And when Christ returns, He will turn everything on its head, crushing the proud and lifting up the humble.

So this is a great time for us to be Grace Turned Outward Christians. You’ll stick out like a sore thumb, except you won’t be sore. You’ll be kind and gentle. You’ll be forgiving. You’ll be loving to your enemies. You’ll go the extra mile for someone who forced you to go the first one. Believe me, right now, you’ll catch them by surprise, because no one will be expecting it.

You have to try joining us for church on Facebook Live, Sunday night at 6pm Pacific time. You can go to and see the video of church last night, but that’s not like being there. Being there live, you can comment — share a need or a victory — greet others. One of our members has taken to letting us know each week what significant day it is. Apparently every day of the year is “National Something-or-other Day.” Seriously. Last week was National Saxophone Day — the birthday of Adolphe Sax who invented the saxophone in 1846.

Well yesterday was fittingly: World Kindness Day. I bet you didn’t know that. And boy do we need it! Three people shared last night, specifically, that the election had divided their families. Well of course. I didn’t even think of that, but with different ages and different agendas in a family, it’s quite probable that not everyone in the family agreed on this election. So this situation is going to require kindness just to go on living with the same people. It’s going to require all the things mentioned above like kindness, forgiveness, loving your enemies, being humble, etc. Come on, everyone. Do it for World Kindness Day.

No, do it because Jesus has asked you to. He told us how He wants us to think and act, and it’s the opposite of the prevailing mood in the country. I swear Satan has released his mean-spirited demons everywhere. Time to counter them with kindness from above. God will give it to you.

As Robert, the one who let us know about World Kindness Day said, “Be kind to every person and every creature this week. Both science and the Spirit confirm that you will be happier and healthier for being kind!” Make the elder Bush happy that his message still counts. More importantly … please God, and let Him put you to work in His kingdom, His way.

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