Beyond the next President of the United States


You could call this an addendum to yesterday’s Catch, so if you missed yesterday’s Catch, you will definitely want to go to and read “Paranoia at the polls” first. But there’s one other thing to mention about voting in November that I meant to include, but left off, and that is the fact that we vote for a lot more things than the next President. The next President of the United States gets so much attention that it’s easy to think that’s the only thing that matters, but, in many ways, it’s the least thing that matters, especially if you’re not in a swing state. Hillary is going to take California regardless of which way I vote, so why bother? Well, there are a lot of other things we will be voting for in this state, just like there are for you.

For instance, California voters will decide on 17 different ballot measures, including legalizing marijuana for recreational use, and the future of the death penalty. Those are pretty important, I would say. And then there are the local initiatives. In our town, among other things, we are voting for two council members. One council member who stays on for another two years is my neighbor, and he has told me who not to vote for and why. I wouldn’t miss that opportunity. And this is where one vote can actually make a difference.

As Christians we should be informed and consider how we vote based on our consciences and our understanding of Jesus and His priorities. For instance, I will be voting against the death penalty because of my understanding of the grace of God and my desire to give someone the maximum amount of time to respond to the gospel and God’s offer of forgiveness and eternal life in Christ. But that isn’t to say that’s the only Christian point of view. I’m sure there are Christians who disagree with me, and that’s fine. There is not a “Christian vote.” There are Christians who vote and we will probably be all over the map, politically, because these issues are complex and each issue depends a lot on one’s personal experience, priorities, knowledge and personal interpretation and understanding of Scripture.

I will be voting against the legalization of marijuana because I have had a personal experience with how easy it is for adolescents to get ahold of it already, and I don’t want to make it any easier. Having said that, I’m sure there are Christians who would vote for it for some of the same reasons that prohibition was a bad idea. And I understand that, too.

Let me say it again: There is not a Christian vote, and anyone who tells you there is should not be trusted. No one understands the political will of God; in fact, I don’t think there is such a thing. God, and the kingdom of God, stand outside of politics. So do your homework, pray about it, discuss it with people whose opinion you respect and make up your mind, but don’t let anyone tell you that if you’re a born-again Christian there’s only one way you can vote, or one party you can be for.

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8 Responses to Beyond the next President of the United States

  1. Marya Rud says:

    John And Catch People also remember you can vote by absentee ballot . Each state is different but you do not have to wait till November. I have cancer and other health problems . So I have already voted. I have been taught Voting is a privilege and honor do not waste by not voting.

  2. This is so true. There is not one party out there who qualifies as “Christian-only” or who has all the right answers. I’m not sure how we reached this point (actually I am), but I’m surprised that people have allowed someone to dictate how they are to vote for so long now. Christians need to be involved in all parties, in all discussions…and we are, after all, still individuals! We don’t have to all be exactly alike, except in our unified front of believing and accepting Christ as our Savior! (Church unity is a whole different beast)

  3. Lois Taylor says:

    Vote your conscience. The Holy Spirit rules the conscience.

  4. Returning to the topic of the presidency, please remember also that we’re not voting for just one individual but for an entire staff of advisors and counselors.
    As mentioned in previous posts, we need to be praying NOW for both candidates before either one enters office. So, on January 20th, when either Donald or Hillary cross that threshold of their new residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue then we will have preemptively invoked the Lord’s blessings on our country’s leader for the next 4 (or 8) years.
    Equally as important, though, we need also to be praying for wise and godly men and women to occupy the inner circle of the president as well as for those who serve in other support roles.

    The face we’ll see every day on the news will be that of the president but the policy and decision-makers in the Cabinet or the West Wing or even in the kitchen and bedrooms are the ones that really – in human terms – steer our nation to whatever destiny we’re headed.
    So, pray – pray fervently – for our current leaders as well as the ones that will replace them.
    But pray, too, for those staff and family members that truly have the ear of our candidates.

  5. Mark Seguin says:

    Love this: “God, and the kingdom of God, stand outside of politics.” 🙂

  6. Sandie says:

    Personally, as I’ve said before…I wish there was a ‘reset’ button so we could start all over – and the current nominees are not allowed to participate. That’s just Sandie speaking. The Holy Spirit in me still hasn’t decided – I WILL vote, but it might well be a write-in…I just don’t know.
    I do agree with you John, about the pot issue – it’s on the ballot here in Florida too. I’ve dealt with it’s abuse so often in my work with teens.
    Now I have to get back to cleaning up my property after Hurricane Matthew – no damage, just palm fronds, but no A/C…how did we ever live without it!?
    Blessings to all and PLEASE, PLEASE vote! Good men died to give us this privilege!

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