Click on me

Click. Open me up. See what’s inside. th-2

Click on me. Open me up. Find out what you want to know. You’re on the information highway; click anywhere you like — anywhere you see the arrow turn into a hand is a place you can click to make something happen on the screen. A click will get you where you want to go. You get a new window; you go to a new place. The click is the handshake of cyberspace. It’s how you go deeper. Of course, it’s all programmed on the Internet. The clicks are rigged. They take you to a place that has been predetermined.

Would that we could click on each other in real life and find out what’s inside. Would that we could open each other up with a click and touch the pain, the joy, the loneliness, the grace. Would that we could click and not know for sure where we would go or end up. That’s actually a great way to think about a real relationship. Click on adventure. Click on discovery. You never really know what you’ll find until you click.

Everything happens with a click. You can click to read. You can click to pay. You click to watch, or listen. You even click to leave. You click on or click off. You click open or click closed. We’re a clicked-on generation. Everything’s done with a click.

We’ve got some fun clicks for you. We have clicks that will open videos of Catch members sharing with us what they value. You can do it, too. Point your phone at yourself, click, and tell us something. Reveal what makes you tick clicks. We’ve got clicks. You’ve got clicks.

We need your clicks to help power the Catch. Monthly clicks we can build on. Not big, one-time clicks, but little, regular clicks that can power deeper communication – more involvement from all of us. These are not clicks to get us out of a jam; they are clicks to help keep us out of jams and carry us into the future. With regular clicks we can plan, dream and build. And you’re going to love it.

You’ve got clicks for us (we need them), and we’ve got clicks for you. Stay tuned for more clicks.

If someone clicked on you today, what would they find?

Shhh. It’s Marti’s birthday today. Surprise her with a Happy Birthday wish. She’s 39, by the way! 🙂

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