Giving and getting


God is a giver. He created our world and then gave it to us. He gave us all life when He breathed into Adam and he became a living soul. He gave us Jesus, our redemption, His most unspeakable gift. He gives us grace for every moment of every day. He gives healing. He gives comfort. He gives forgiveness. He is a part of every good and perfect gift. It’s His nature to do this. He gives when we don’t deserve it. So when you give, you are stepping into the very nature and flow of God.

Pretty much everything in this world’s economy centers around getting. Getting fit; getting rich; getting healthy; getting ahead; getting a job; getting a promotion; getting a car, getting an education — it is a big part of the nature and flow of being human to get. Getting is earning. When you get it, it’s yours. You deserve it. You go out and get something. That’s why getting is all about me. Getting is human; giving is of God.

Imagine an auditorium of a thousand people listening to a motivational speaker. That’s a thousand people thinking about what they can get. They are not there to give; they are there to get. All the videos and seminars and self-help schemes in the world are all about getting. It’s no wonder that it’s all about me; it’s the way the world’s system is set up.

In a world of grabbing and grasping and clawing one’s way to the top, getting is everything, and it’s all about me. In God’s kingdom, it’s all about giving, blessing, forgiving, aiding, helping — giving is everything, and it’s all about someone else.

In light of this, giving can take on new significance. When you give, you are stepping into what God does. When you give, it’s not all about me, it’s about someone else. Giving is a way in which we can overcome the negative aspects of getting.

A lot of the getting we have to do is because we’re human, and as we’ve already seen, getting is a big part of the human economy. But one simple way to change all of this and realize the kingdom of God is to realize that whatever you get, you get so that you can give. The ultimate goal of getting is giving. You can turn all of what you do into a blessing when you get to give. Think about it as getting to give.

God gives. It’s His nature. We get. It’s our nature. The way to overcome the selfishness built into so much of who we are and how the world operates is to get to give. You get to give.

With all this getting going on, it makes sense when you realize that getting is for giving.

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1 Response to Giving and getting

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    I like that way of thinking about it: getting is 4 giving…
    PS hope all went well @ the Doc’s 4 u, Pastor John…

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