Entrepreneurial Givers


Today we salute a special kind of giver — a person we often call a philanthropist. This is someone who makes it their ministry to give. Among other gifts, they have the spiritual gift of giving and they are gracious givers. These are the extraordinary people who come alongside those with other gifts in the body of Christ and help them do what they do. It’s the way the body of Christ functions, and these people are responsible for founding and sustaining ministries that would otherwise not exist.

We have a number of these individuals who are invaluable to the Catch — people like Herb, Neil, Marie Tom, Steve, Bob, Donna, Jim and Dick. We would definitely not be here today were it not for their generosity and commitment. To be sure, everyone who gives is necessary to the whole, and the size of the gift is no measure of its importance — the body being made up of many parts with different functions — but these make it a significant part of their personal ministry to focus on gracious giving.

However there is one person who stands out in particular, because he proceeded the rest and can truthfully be called our founder. Peter and his wife gave significantly in the beginning when we were cash poor and just growing our list after having PurposeDrivenLife dismantled. They believed in the validity of this work, it’s international reach and connection, especially to those disenfranchised from the church.

We would definitely not be in existence today were it not for Peter and his wife, JoDee. Time and time again they rescued the ministry from the brink of disaster and helped put us on a track to grow. We are forever indebted to them and their gifts and their use of them for many ministries in the body of Christ.

I have had the privilege of following Peter around as he conducts his family entertainment business, and he does so with great respect for all who work for him, and he is constantly applying biblical principles to his business so that he is truly a Christian entrepreneur in the marketplace. Some of those principles and that heart was showcased in 2010 in the first season of the CBS reality show, “Undercover Boss” when Joel Manby, former CEO of Peter’s family entertainment company goes undercover among their employees to find out what their jobs are really like and how they can care more knowledgeably for them. It’s a moving experience of love and respect reflecting Peter’s motto for his company, “Doing the right things for right reasons.”

We are fortunate to have Peter as a founder and exemplary businessman to help bolster and direct the Catch as we go forward. Should you be so moved that you would like to thank Peter, or any of these other people I have mentioned, write me a reply to this email and I will see that they get it.

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