More church than church


We had church last Sunday night on Facebook Live, and I would give it high marks.

It began with a Call to Worship (“Love Him in the Morning”), and then some of what we call Body Life, then a teaching from the scriptures and a wrap up. Forty minutes later we were done, and our first experience with cyber church was what I would call a success.

The part I was most pleased with was the part I was most concerned about in the sharing of our lives together. Body Life was popularized in the 1970s at Peninsula Bible Church in a service, also on Sunday nights, that came to be known as the Body Life service. It started as an experiment by the Pastors there to give an opportunity in real time church to experience what the body of Christ should be doing all along — sharing together, encouraging one another, meeting each other’s needs, praying for each other — virtually an opportunity in a group setting to experience all the things the scriptures teach that we are gifted to do for each other.

It worked then, and I’m happy to report that it worked for us even in cyber space. People were able to write in their comments and questions and to interact and pray for each other. Others offered encouraging words.

And so it was church — as much church as you might hope for in half an hour. In some ways, it was better than church. The big performance that typifies the common church experience today was completely eliminated. No worship band. No sound and lights. No fog machine. No spotlight on the pastor. Just a bunch of people coming together to share their lives and encourage one another. What is church if it isn’t this? I think we just might have been more church than church.

Be sure and join us next Sunday. Actually, if you want to check it out, the video can be found on our site, Just scroll down to a picture of me in a video that says, “Catch Ministry Church,” and go to church with us. This could get to be a habit!

A big Thank You to everyone who has participated so far in our campaign!  We’ll begin posting your names tomorrow.

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2 Responses to More church than church

  1. Peter Leenheer says:

    If every Catch reader would pay $10.00 per month how would that affect the bottom line. I will pray for that to happen.

    • I’ll join you in that prayer, Peter!
      I have absolutely no idea what the “nuts and bolts” are concerning the Catch’s budget and expenditures.
      However, for my own household finances, I’ve always had reservations about paying for anything online – which is why I prefer to send to the Catch a check via “snail-mail”.
      It’s slower but, to me, it seems safer.
      Plus, it gives me a feeling of active investment when I physically write out the check – an engagement not duplicated by relying on automatic payments.
      So, for anyone who would like to contribute but, like me, are wary of on-line methods, here is the physical address to mail your financial support –

      Make your check out to: The Catch Ministry, Inc.

      And mail it to:
      The Catch c/o John Fischer
      Attn: Accountant
      1278 Glenneyre
      Laguna Beach, CA 92651

      Still need convincing?
      Here’s additional inspiration for you to contribute this way:
      1) Postage prices have DECREASED to 47-cents for Forever Stamps.
      Buy Bundles – they’re forever!
      2) Star Trek™ Forever Stamps will go on sale starting Sept. 2 (tomorrow)!!
      3) It will help keep millions of hard-working postal employees from losing their jobs!!!

      So, see?
      By sending a check you’re already serving your community even before your check reaches the Catch Community!

      Shalom, my friends!!! 🙂

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