Talk about a revolution

th-113Do you sense it? There’s a revolution in the air — a spiritual revolution. You sense it most among the young people — the millennials, those between 18-29 who are not interested in the issue-oriented Christianity they grew up with. Christianity has been too long defined in terms of what you are “for or against.” If you are against something you perceive as wrong, you are making a stand for what is right. We no longer want to set ourselves up against culture. We and the millennials want to define ourselves in terms of what we are for. We want to rise up in the culture.

Millennials are interested in coming alongside, and so are boomers. They’re interested in relationships, in loving and helping others. They are interested in honesty and transparency — all the things we stand for here at the Catch. And, of course, millennials are interested in the message of grace, and in our understanding of Grace Turned Outward.

This is why we refer to it as a revolution. A revolution, by definition is a dramatic and wide-reaching change in the way something works or is organized or in people’s ideas about it. And this is a dramatic change. Thank goodness because we’ve needed one for some time.

What’s so appealing about a revolution? It’s a do-over — a chance to be on the cutting edge of something entirely new. It identifies what needs to change and offers solutions.

We think the millennials have it. They have the right focus. They want to change things and things need to change. We welcome them and are excited about partnering with them. God has led us to these things. He has put them on our hearts. We’ve been working toward this for a long time. It just so happens that our interests and issues with the institutional church are also theirs. We’re singing the same tune and we’re staring down the road together to a new frontier.

I’m going to get very personal here when I tell you this is our most important campaign to date. We need all of your attention in this direction. I can’t overstate this.

Today is our last day to match $5,000 that has been promised, but only given if you give. So far we’ve raised $1,000. We need $4,000 more today! If you’ve been waiting for others to give, wait no more. We need all of you to make this one. And don’t think your gift is too small. There is no such thing. Every little bit helps.

We need all of you to muster if we are going to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Be a part of a new revolution. Send in your matching gift today. (The video below will take you there.)


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