If I can’t see you, you can still see me

Where I once was afraid to open up my eyes
Now this wide angle has turned my fear into surprise
From “Wide Angle” by John Fischer

IMG_1233I can’t wait to see your videos. “It is nothing short of a miracle that I am doing this in a bathing suit,” Linda wrote along with hers from a swimming pool in the Dominican Republic. “I am a recovering compulsive eater who had huge body issues and I am also recovering from the legalism of a very strict Pentecostal church, which I still love in many other ways … so, take what you like and leave the rest.” How beautiful is that? We like it all, Linda!

How we all like to hide. We’re like little kids who think if we cover our faces, and can’t see anyone, that no one can see us. Opening our eyes means not only seeing, but being seen, and being seen is the hardest.

I have huge issues about being seen, too, Linda. I’m always afraid someone’s going to find out the truth about me. The truth is, I’m not realizing the full capacity of what I can be in Jesus Christ. I’m not stepping into the greatness of the Holy Spirit.  I talk about it, but hardly ever do it. I prefer to be small, and to hide. You can’t see me; I can’t see you.

I’m always afraid the truth about me is going to ruin my reputation. Well that’s silly, because my reputation means nothing. My reputation is all about me, and the first thing we know about the ministry is that it’s not about me. It’s not about any of us. It’s who Christ is in us, and no one can see who Christ is in us if we keep our hands over our faces. Actually if there is anything that’s going to destroy my ministry, it’s my reputation. My reputation is my worst enemy. IMG_1234

Stepping into the greatness of the Holy Spirit means also stepping into the reality of myself and whatever I don’t want you to know about me. That’s the way this works. The power only comes out of the vulnerability. The power comes through our weaknesses, not our strengths. So open up your eyes. Not only can you see, then, you can be seen, and that’s when the light can shine.



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