The rest of the gospel


For the better part of fifty years now, we’ve been preaching half a gospel. Not that anything we’ve been saying is wrong, it’s more about what we’ve been leaving out. To be sure, we’ve started with the fall — with human depravity and the need for a savior, followed by the provision of that very thing in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. So the whole thrust has been to convict people of sin and then tell them about Jesus who alone can save and promise eternal life. John 3:16 has been the touchstone of this message for this generation, and Billy Graham has been the key proponent. That’s why we’re evangelicals; we’re all evangelists concerned about getting people into heaven. This may sound like the whole story, but it’s not. It’s the guts of the story, but it’s missing the bookends.

Did everyone notice the picture from yesterday’s Catch of the inside of the old Church of the Open Door in Los Angeles with the huge “WE HAVE SINNED” sign on the front wall of the church? Did that seem a little strange that they would have chosen that message to focus on?  That’s because this gospel begins with conviction of sin. When 20th century evangelists came into town, they were preceded by a widespread conviction of sin by the Holy Spirit. People were already on their knees; the evangelist’s job was half done.

Today, however, our message is a little different — a little broader. Yes, something’s wrong, but something’s right, too. People need to be saved — true — but people are worth saving as well. There was something before the fall; it’s called creation. And there’s something after salvation; it’s called restoration. These are the bookends around the gospel that the Millennials are right about, and it’s essential we know this if we are to represent the kingdom of God in the marketplace today. Having a whole gospel as opposed to half a gospel means we will have a different starting and ending point than 20th century evangelists.

This means we will connect with our culture at certain levels even apart from the gospel — caring about issues of hunger, poverty and AIDS, for instance. We will also care about the planet because it is an essential part of God’s creation as well. Things like ecology, preserving natural resources, and climate change will be important to us. We’re not just waiting to leave this planet; we want to do what can to leave it better than we found it. In fact, as we care about these things, we will rub shoulders with others who care too, who may not know about sin and salvation, giving us an opportunity for the rest of the gospel. We need to be in conversation with the world. It’s a beginning.

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5 Responses to The rest of the gospel

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Absolutely luv the last sentence of Today’d Catch, becauz to me it reminded me something Jesus once said (a paraphrase & dont remember the chapter & verse) Agree with your adversary quickly and the last sentence is: “We need to be in conversation with the world. It’s a beginning.”

    Which to me signals we don’t always have to start off telling others what their doing wrong (I happen to believe in the Holy Spirit’s power to do that, much better than I am able) yet start off telling others what they’re doing right… 🙂

  2. gitta says:

    I especially liked the last line, also [Mark].
    Cynthia brought me to a small church in the 70’s– mostly elderly people.
    It was an amazing church– as they ‘lived’ just what you are saying TODAY ! —
    they simply loved & cared for us [with great patience].
    And the Holy Spirit was at work doing the convicting of sin !!
    Yes– may we extend the love & caring of Christ to others….

    Your Catch devotions REFLECT your amazing love & compassion–
    and patience for the hurting & struggling–for the ministry you feel called to.
    as you both minister well into the night ‘tirelessly’ with great passion…..
    Also, you have a family of your own with needs, concerns, crisis,
    and joys that you have shared — so we can pray with you & rejoice
    with you [as we have like journeys ]…. Hebrews 13:21

    joint heirs, love gitta

    • Mark Seguin says:

      Lov your post gitta and thank-you 4 it too…
      PS can i plz give u a suggestion… to plz consider – everyone’s life is busy, so with that in mind, plz dont give a book chapter & verse, yet plz quote it, so people dont not feel the need to look it up… 🙂

      • gitta says:

        I like reading your comments, Mark. Good suggestion, also– I usually do write out the verses– thought it would make my comment too long– I guess it would take a lot longer
        to look it up–HA ! gitta

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