How much does God believe in you?


How much does God believe in you? An awful lot.

We talk a lot about believing in God, and we should, because succeeding in life comes down to what we believe. Our salvation depends on believing, our sanctification (the process of becoming like Christ) depends on it, and our future in heaven with God rides on believing. “We believe, therefore we speak,” (2 Corinthians 4:13) and then we act on that belief.

However, we talk about believing so much so that we often forget that it goes the other way as well. God believes in us. It might seem a little preposterous, but it’s true.

God believes in us because He made us in His image with the capacity to be like Him — to understand Him and communicate with Him. He shows that He believes in us when He asks us to follow Him. We can see God believes in us because He invites us into a relationship with Him — He doesn’t force us. God believes in us because He has given us His Spirit to indwell us so we can make the right decisions. God believes in us because He has chosen to involve us in His will on earth as it is in heaven. He uses us to accomplish His will in the world. He partners with us in prayer, in Bible study and in representing Him in the world. He has even gifted us each with a particular capacity to serve Him. It’s really pretty incredible what He thinks of you, and how much of His work He shares with us. He’s depending on you.

God believes in you because He has called you to participate with Him in accomplishing His will, and He wouldn’t call you if He didn’t believe you could do it. Now, of course, He empowers you to do His will and He fills you with His Spirit to that end, but you are not a robot. You have a will, and He expects you and me to use it. God is counting on you. He believes in you.

He could have done everything all by Himself, but He doesn’t. It’s His plan to involve us, and since He does, He believes we can. That’s down right amazing when you realize how much God believes in you.


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3 Responses to How much does God believe in you?

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Luv today’s message, becauze it reminded of one I heard a long time ago: in that God could let the rocks cry out His message of salivation, but didn’t becauz He wanted others that have experienced His grace, love & mercy to share it, or as John Fisher’s says becauz He beliefs in us – and that’s pretty cool!!! ❤

  2. Dave Colburn says:

    I would say that God is beyond belief in anything because of His omniscience. To imply belief implies that the one believing doesnt know fully. We are encouraged to believe in God in the scripture because we dont have the mind of God and dont have His knowledge, nor will we ever has His full knowledge. Please dont reduce God down to be equal with man using terms that only apply to man’s capacity. Give the God of the Bible His proper due and elevation above man. Nothing compares with God.

    • T. Newman says:

      If the truth and reality can’t be known to exist or occur without a believing mind and the truth and reality exists and occurs, then the truth and reality must be the result of and originated in God’s believing mind.
      Christ being human compared himself to God.. And where do you think belief originated in and from?

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