What I learned at the DMV


Chandler, our 16-year-old son, recently got his learner’s driving permit. To do so he had to pass a written test of 46 multiple choice questions. We were concerned about the test because Chandler has challenges reading due to a learning disability he has struggled with all his life. I had heard there was an audio version of the test so I inquired about that at the DMV, and sure enough, there was. However, when we checked in for his appointment, we found out they were not prepared that day for the audio test, so Chandler got the next best thing, which turned out to be the absolute best for him; he got the test delivered to him one-on-one by one of the trainers.

As I watched the man carefully explain each question — even draw out some of the scenarios on paper to make sure Chandler understood what was being asked — I realized nothing could have been better suited for him than this. The man was finding out what Chandler actually knew. The written test would have only found out how well he can take tests. And any of you who have taken these tests know that there are always trick questions designed to trip you up if you are not paying close attention. There’s a good chance he would have failed the written test for lack of his testing ability and nothing to do with his knowledge of the information. He ended up missing one question.

“As a father has compassion on his children,” wrote the psalmist, David, “so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him; for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust” (Psalm 103:13-14).

Thank goodness God remembers our disabilities. He remembers that we are dust. He knows our limitations. He’s not concerned about how well we can take tests; He’s concerned about what we know, and what we do with what we know. He knows us through and through — inside and out.

Paul says about His tests that He doesn’t tempt us beyond what we are able to handle, and that He will, with the temptation, provide a way of escape that we may be able to grow from the experience (1 Corinthians 10:13).

God is on our side. He doesn’t trick us or frustrate us; He treats us with compassion. He remembers what we are made of. It’s a good  thing, because I don’t think any of us could pass the test otherwise. Without His grace, we wouldn’t have a chance.


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1 Response to What I learned at the DMV

  1. That i awesome. I’m a terrible test-taker also. How great that this happened for Chandler. And how ever greater God is when we are going thru tests of this world.

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