Writing on the wall


IMG_1169Marti has been frantically trying to get Chandler’s room ready for his homecoming, which was yesterday. Part of that was to have his room painted to his specifications. This is the first time Chandler has had his own room he could paint and arrange as he pleases and he definitely didn’t disappoint. Chandler is a young man who is very clear about what he wants, and he wanted three of his walls to be black and one blue — and a rather dark blue at that.

It sounds depressing at first until you realize the black is a chalkboard black which will enable him to write on his walls with chalk and erase and change at will. The first thing he has going up are the sayings from the book of Proverbs he found and taped to his wall back in Wyoming. Now he can just write them on his wall. Now he can plan, record names and phone numbers, have his friends leave messages, do art with colored chalk — any number of things are now possible in his room. Heck, I want to borrow it for a brainstorming session; it would be perfect for that. A few  coats of this stuff on his wall, and his room becomes a one-room blackboard.

I’ve noticed lots of Chandler’s ideas are like this. They first seem weird and off-beat, but suddenly you get what he was thinking and you realize how brilliant of an idea it was.

Maybe there’s something for us all here, at least, symbolically. God wants us to surround ourselves with His word. We are constantly being bombarded with messages and philosophies from our culture, many of which are not true or not helpful to our growth. We need the word of God to stay on track with the truth. David said he hid God’s word in his heart so that he wouldn’t sin against the Lord. He knew it would take that.

The children of Israel were told to write the words of God on their doorposts and the gates of their houses. In other words, surround yourself with the word because otherwise, you will forget.

We are forgetful people. We need reminders. Plus, the word of God allows us to go on the offensive in our lives and not be defensive all the time. We need not be defined by our weaknesses, but let our weaknesses lead us to our strength in Christ. We can be made sure of His presence and His provision for us. Wherever we can put this — whatever we write it on … our walls, our hearts, our gates… we need it. We need the word of God, today … every day.




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1 Response to Writing on the wall

  1. Marya Rud says:

    Chalk Board comes in green too. You can make walls White boards .or get paint that makes your a projections screen and you watch movies on the wall.

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