Sign up today, while it’s still May!


Well it’s hard to believe it’s the end of May already and time to wrap up our “All for one and one for all” membership campaign. We have over 20 new MemberPartners and a few more who will be reporting in today! There’s still time!

One of the most exciting new developments in our campaign have been those MemberPartners who have decided to sponsor someone else who wants to get involved but doesn’t have the financial resources to do so at this time. Both David, from Texas, and Priscilla, from New York have committed to sponsoring a mom for 6 months as a beautiful Mother’s Day gift.

Another sponsor, John, from Chicago, has shared his story with me, and I must pass it on to you since I found it so inspiring and something we can all learn from. John is not new to the Catch. He has been supporting this ministry periodically over the last few years, and has now decided to come on as a MemberPartner and sponsor his daughter as well. But I’ll let him tell that story, since he tells it so well.

He talked about how he has been driving around a lot lately with his daughter, who has a learner’s permit and needs to log on a certain number of hours driving. I understand this because Chandler has been driving most of this trip we’re on right now for the same reason. And just like Chandler and me, John sees this as a blessing in disguise in terms of the time it has afforded him to spend with his daughter. One of those conversations, at his daughter’s request, was about giving. John writes:

I talked with her about some of the ways her mother and I handle giving, and some of the ministries we support. One of the ones I mentioned was “the Catch” which I thought might interest her, since she loves writing. I thought she might enjoy supporting another amazing writer who shares much of her world view. I’ve occasionally forwarded her the Catch, and she already lives out the gospel of welcome.

To give just one example, when she decided to get baptized, we planned a baptism party at a nearby lake. Elizabeth decided to invite a bunch of friends from high school, most of whom were not followers of Jesus. She figured that if she was planning a party, her friends ought to be invited. A few of them came. It was a great time. Before I baptized her I explained what baptism was, and Elizabeth gave her testimony and shared her decision to follow Jesus. She even invited her friends (including those who aren’t Christians) to hold her accountable, and call her out if she failed to live up to the teaching of Jesus.

Shortly after our conversation in the car, I got an e-mail from John. He was inviting MemberPartners to consider sponsoring a new member. As I thought about it, it made perfect sense, so I’m sponsoring Elizabeth for 6 months to give her a taste of the Catch while she decides where God wants her to invest the money He has entrusted to her.

And I’m looking forward to discussing the Catch with her the next time we go driving.

I love Elizabeth’s take on baptism. She gets it. Baptism is supposed to be a public event in full view of everyone you’ve been walking with in your life. It is not just a statement to those who already believe that you are joining their club, but a statement to all the people that know you that you are leaving one way of living and starting a new way. And, it’s a wonderful time for those who aren’t Christians to hear the gospel from someone who is making a bold, confident statement to follow Christ, and willing to make a public demonstration of that. Way to go Elizabeth! You’re already acting like a MemberPartner!

Thank you, John, for that story, and for your commitment to the Catch. By the way, John is involved in a very unique ministry using poetry “slams” in inner city Chicago to build relationships with people and introduce them to Jesus. John was one of our featured guests on BlogTalkRadio to talk about this creative way of reaching people. You can catch that interview by clicking here. (Notice that John doesn’t exempt himself from giving because he’s in the ministry. That’s something else about his story we can all learn from.)

By the way, this last weekend was a special one for John and his wife. It was anniversary number 25! Congratulations!

Be prepared to receive a couple more emails from us today. One outlining what MemberPartners believe, and one featuring some aspects of our ministry you may not know about. Remember, there’s still time to become a MemberPartner and receive a special Certificate of Appreciation, or, if you are already a MemberPartner like David and Priscilla, you can sponsor someone else who wants to be. We have people waiting.


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3 Responses to Sign up today, while it’s still May!

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    Luv Today’s Catch and Happy 25th Anniversary to John & his better half too… 🙂

  2. Howard Landis says:

    Hi John. I receive, and have received the Catch for multiple years. I read your MemberPartner Statement and have a sense of ‘belonging’ to the Catch Community and have since I first began reading your emails. I would like to become a MemberPartner even though it is now June, however my wife and I are living and teaching in China. We live the Gospel of Welcome here and have had some delightful seed planting opportunities. God opened this door for us so we believe that our being here is part of his will for our lives and for our students. Perhaps when we return to the US we’ll be able to become official MemberPartners. In the meantime, I love reading The Catch every day and draw strength and encouragement from your writings. Thanks for what you do. Howard Landis

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