Can’t stay in Laramie forever


A big thanks to so many of you who have offered Chandler and us congratulations over what we (and especially Chandler) have accomplished through the sometimes scary aspects of his treatment over the past ten months. It has indeed been a difficult journey, and we are so grateful for so many of your prayers. As a Christian leader, there have been things that have been hard to admit, but the encouragement and prayer support we have received have outweighed all that. Besides, the only thing really lost by living this story openly in front of all of you has been my ego. Ha! Good riddance.

And yet there is a hesitancy to bask too much in the glory of Chandler’s awards and accomplishments, knowing the power addictions can have over us, and the fact that statistics indicate relapses are much more common than not. The next chapter will in many ways be the hardest, as we all return to familiar settings and well-worn triggers of old mistakes.

I must admit, I am so enjoying these last few days here in Laramie, Wyoming, as I stay in a “hotel” room at the treatment center while Chandler wraps up his school year, and we ready ourselves for the drive home. In some ways I wish it could stay this way. I get to work uninterrupted in my room while Chandler is safe in the next building under the watchful eyes of trained staff members. And after school, we get to spend time together working out in the rec center, hiking or going out to dinner. It’s idyllic, and it’s soon going to be over, and I think we are all a little bit apprehensive about that. Even Chandler, who presents such a strong persona, confident demeanor and an eagerness to get home, has shown flashes of uncertainty over coping with what awaits him there.

This is where “All for one and one for all” comes in. We can’t do this alone. Hillary said it takes a village. Jesus said it takes all the people who make up His body. In fact, it takes both. It takes the local services of the village, which we are using; and it takes the prayers and support of the body of Christ to provide the inner strength, wisdom and courage to go on. And we know that because we told you the truth all along, we have real help for whatever might lie ahead. We do not have to pretend everything is okay when it is not. We’re in this together. Of course this is the way it should be in the body of Christ, but often it is not, because everyone is preoccupied with appearances and not the truth.

As one of our current MemberPartners has said so beautifully, “I love great visual themes and ideas presented to help us grasp truth and hold it tight. As a MemberPartner, I am on an adventure to present the Gospel of Welcome and to hold a sacred honor of praying for many, who might not feel they have a place to come to. We are in a battle. To pray and to see what our LORD can do is amazing. When I made the commitment to be a MemberPartner, I was overjoyed with the new connection I made to those in the body of Christ, and as I grow, I am always amazed as even daily, we see miracles! Love to all the Catch readers today!” – Cynthia

Join us. Become a MemberPartner today. We need you; you need us. Life is tough. We can’t stay in Laramie forever. We have to go back to where everything is the same as when we left it. We have to count on the fact that we are different, and that we are surrounded by others who are witnesses to that fact, and will hold us up both in prayer, in moral support and accountability.

It’s a fact. It’s “All for one and one for all!” None of us can do this alone.

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3 Responses to Can’t stay in Laramie forever

  1. So exciting! We will continue praying for your success as a family. A year makes a world of difference at Chandler’s age. It’s those moments when we grow weary of ‘being an adult’ that it’s suddenly easy to fall back into an undisciplined life. Praying God will give Chandler great focus and a great mission to occupy those times!

  2. Mark Seguin says:

    “None of us can do this alone.” Amen, so glad 4 the Catch community!

  3. Tim says:

    I want to do it alone but I keep coming back! Lol
    Great catch. Love to all.

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