How my laptop became a laptop


Ever since my operation, I’ve been using my laptop on my lap. It sounds redundant but it’s not, because most people use their laptop computers on a table or a desk. I did. I was either in my office working at a desk or at the dining room table — my wife’s least favorite place for me to work, because it’s a dining room, for heaven’s sake, not an office. She’s a stickler for things being what they were meant to be.

The laptop got its name from somewhere, and I found out that having the computer on my lap in a comfortable chair was easier on my neck. My shoulders relax naturally with my hands and arms in a lower position, and relaxing my shoulders is the name of the game right now when it comes to pain management; so for now, my laptop has become (lo and behold) a laptop, since it sits comfortably atop my lap. (Of course now my office is in the living room, which isn’t any better according to Marti, although, for a limited time, she appears to be accommodating. In some ways, the living room is worse, since our living room has an imaginary red velvet rope strung across its entrance with a sign hanging on it: “Look, but don’t touch.” I have to step over that rope every time I come in here.)

What this reminds me is that each one of us has something we are supposed to be. We were meant to be this. We are gifted in such a way that this thing works comfortably when we reach out to someone else in any way. The Bible calls it a spiritual gift, but you and I don’t need to get hung up with the terminology. It’s simply a way in which our service to another person, or group of people, seems to naturally fit. It fits us, and it fits them. It’s a spiritual expertise that none of us had to learn. We didn’t get training in it, we just got it when we got the Spirit. It’s part of the beautiful way we work together when we realize we belong to the body of Christ.

And get this: this isn’t just the body of Christ at such and such church; it’s the BODY OF CHRIST in the whole world. It’s wherever you are — whomever you’re with. It’s you being you. Like finding out a laptop works pretty well on your lap. It’s part of the way in which we are “All for One and One for all.”

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3 Responses to How my laptop became a laptop

  1. dagriffin2 says:

    Your writing always makes me think. It inspires me. It motivates me. It strikes a nerve. (Sometimes it even stings a little.) You being you, doing what comes naturally to you, inspires me to do the same. Thank you for that!

  2. GITTA says:

    John– what is wrong with you ?? just kidding–HA
    I can so relate to Marti !!!
    [The Catch is always a wonderful ‘word picture’.]
    the good news is we all [3] love the Lord & are part of the body of Christ–
    and we desire to share THE Good News and minister–
    to be the very fragrance of Christ !
    I love how the Catch family works together !!
    Those stitching up the Prayer Pillows–amazing !
    And the many praying together in the name of Jesus– what power !
    *Continued prayers for your HEALING and upcoming road trip !!

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