The universal benefit of needing someone


The Catch is a community, and in that sense, it is like the body of Christ, because the body of Christ is a community too. A community is a group of people sharing something in common and interdependent on one another. As a community, we have come to need each other.

Need is a good thing. There is a false sense of “macho” that tries to not need anyone or anything, but that is really a pitiful weakness masquerading as strength. Need does not make you weak; it makes you wise, because we were meant to need. We were born this way. We need God. We need each other. We were not made to be alone. The first man, Adam, found that out. The strong person is the one who is fully integrated into his or her community. And to be integrated is to need and to care — to care about the people in our lives. The degree to which we are integrated is the degree to which we will be effective as Christians in the marketplace.

Think of the people you need every day. You actually depend on these people. They are the tellers, cashiers, mechanics, techies, operators, receptionists, hair-dressers, police and fire personnel, waiters, bartenders, toll-takers, newspaper delivery people, mailmen and women, and lifeguards in our lives whom we see — some every day. We count on these people doing their jobs. If my newspaper doesn’t come, it can affect my whole day.

We can pass these people — in a sense, use them — every day and not even acknowledge them. Or we can notice them, acknowledge them, and let them know how much we appreciate them. As Christians in a secular community, we should be the prime appreciators on our block. It gives the Gospel of Welcome a good name.

We are community people. All the way around. The more communities, the better.

And if you receive any benefit from the Catch community, there is a solid group of MemberPartners who make this possible. If you’d like to acknowledge them, we’ll pass that on, and we hope that you might want to become a MemberPartner, too, so that more people can continue to benefit from this community.

Blessed is the man who knows his need
Blessed is the man who knows how to plead
For in the pleading he will find
His pride had made him blind
For in seeking the soul is satisfied
And in knocking the door is opened wide
from the song, “Blessed is the Man,” by John Fischer
to listen or download go to song #9.

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9 Responses to The universal benefit of needing someone

  1. Marya Rud says:

    Think about what is like when you need the people but they constantly let you down promise things but never fulfill them. You give your time to something .That something maybe for their advancement but they have not have any intention of seeing it through. They waste your time and talents . You may be depending on them greatly for something and all you get it let down. Please before you agree to do something anything if you have no intention of seeing it through do not do it all all. If you promise to be there for someone do it .Intergity does not much matter in this world any more . lets make it matter !! Let do what we said ,let answer emails, Lets hold true to God ,Israel , And Jesus Christ .
    Thank you Marya

    • Mark Seguin says:

      Amen, Marya Rud: and to some having integrity still matters a great deal!
      PS I once heard this: people with integrity accept to be believed and when their not, they’re willing to let time prove them to be correct.

      • Marya rud says:

        Once lost integrity is very hard to restore .so work hard at keeping much damage caused when lost and it is long term dammage

    • jwfisch says:

      If this is for me, I humbly apologize. I’ve gotten way behind in emails. Forgiveness is requested.

  2. Marya Rud says:

    Also remember we are not promised a next year, next month, next week , next day do it now!

  3. Mark Seguin says:

    Received a good blessing from listening to this Catch…. and listening to the very good song too: “Blessed is the Man,” by John Fischer big thx 4 including it!

  4. Marya Rud says:

    Somehow lets answer phone calls ,lets send letters in the real mail and visit and help in person
    did not get in my post.

  5. TimC says:

    I will admit to needing to someone. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy a friend, and no one knows you when ain’t got a dime. People just aren’t friends to anyone who can’t give back in return.

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