‘The answer is blowing in the wind’

th-50And the wind was low
And He brought me to the water
I felt His hand and joy began
And there was meaning   – Chuck Girard

Ah but I may as well try and catch the wind.   – Donovan

It started out so well.

We were young. We were hungry for truth. We found those who were teaching it, and if it didn’t ring true, we went on further down the road. We went to colleges. We went to seminaries. We went to Costa Mesa, to Westwood, to Palo Alto, to Spokane, to Fort Wayne, to Chicago. Wherever we found the truth, we stopped. We stayed. We studied. We learned. Some of us hitch-hiked all the way to Switzerland, because someone said there was a man there who had it. Wherever we found it, we knew it was the truth, because the wind was blowing. Lives were being changed. Non-believers were believing. Faith happened. Miracles were happening. Nobody knew where it came from or where it was going. It was like the wind, and the wind took us places. It swept us up. And when we read our Bibles and saw that the wind was the Spirit, we knew what it was, and who, and what, we were following.

And then someone tried to catch the wind. And bottle it. Big mistake. And lots of people made lots of money selling the Wind In A Bottle, like the Pet Rock. And people bought the Wind In A Bottle and actually thought they had it. And there were windy conferences, and windy seminars, and windy services, both traditional and contemporary. And everyone claimed they had it. And then there was windy radio, and windy television, and wind that was safe for the whole family. And then singers got windy, and politicians got windy, and candidates claimed they had the wind, because that wind could get them elected. And everyone got excited because that meant we could finally have a windy nation, and everyone would be in the wind.

But in all of this windy business, there is one big problem: no one has noticed that the wind has stopped blowing. Oh, the wind still blows (it always will) it just doesn’t blow anywhere there was a windy enterprise. Now, you have to get away from the wind to find it blowing. For as soon as you think you have the wind, you don’t, because the wind blows where it wants — not where we want — and no one knows where that is … where it comes from, or where it is going. So it is with the Spirit.

So now they are young. They are hungry for truth. They are looking for those who are teaching it, and if it doesn’t ring true, they will go on further down the road. They are looking for someone who is blowing in the wind, and they are clever enough to know that those who are, are probably not going to claim to be in it at all.

Today on BlogTalkRadio/The Catch we are pleased to welcome back Michael Glen Bell Front P.and Duane W. H. Arnold with their second project together, Mystic Chapel. This ambitious musical collection explores a mystical journey through the last forty years and asks the question, “What if we still believed.” Today’s Catch was inspired by this work. If you want to explore these ideas more deeply be sure and tune in tonight at 6pm, Pacific. Save this email and click on the picture of Michael and Duane to link to the show at 6pm (9pm, Eastern) or any time thereafter.

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3 Responses to ‘The answer is blowing in the wind’

  1. Kris Rudin says:

    So VERY good!!! Captures the state of “modern” Christianity perfectly!

  2. Mark Seguin says:

    Today’s Catch made me think about what Jesus said to Nicodemus in St. John 3: 8: “The wind blow where it may…”

  3. Thanks so much, John, for reading your thought provoking posts aloud. My illness makes it difficult to read online or emails.
    Yes, the wind is blowing in people beyond North America… and disciples among Muslims are being made and miracles happening. 🙂 Just like we remember years ago here. Thank you.

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