Showers of Blessing

th-11Merry First Monday After Christmas! I love how Christmas is still in the air as the New Year approaches. Celebrating isn’t over yet, especially here in southern California, where the purple San Bernardino Mountains stand out in cold, sunny clarity as they await their annual television appearance as backdrop for the Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl game. It always feels like “More to come …” around here after Christmas.

And Marti got the post-Christmas celebration off with a bang last night with a shriek from the bathroom, just as I was getting ready for my near-nightly ritual of graham crackers, bananas and milk. I raced into the room to find her face and hair dripping with water, and water all over the windows, the walls and the ceiling. We have a bathtub with a shower head on a cord, and Marti had accidentally dropped it while washing down the tub and the thing had snaked around in the bottom of the tub, spraying water everywhere before she could get it under control again. Marti, of course, took this as a golden opportunity to get me to wash down the walls and ceiling with a cleanser rather than just wipe them dry.

Meanwhile, my graham cracker dish — what she calls my bedtime “comfort food” — was soggy beyond repair. This culinary masterpiece has to be eaten immediately as the milk hits it to be fully appreciated. I know exactly how this dish has to be enjoyed, and with the sliced bananas already turning brown, this was not it.

However, the surprise was worth it and the laughter was welcomed, in light of he sadness of only hours earlier, having put Chandler on a plane back to Wyoming after his second successful home visit. Encouraged by his growth and changes, we already miss him, terribly.

So, in the same way, we look back and we look forward with you. Stay tuned and pray about your involvement with us. We so much appreciate you.

In past years, we’ve sent out the old year anticipating Cinderella’s midnight transformation, or the ticking of the alligator’s clock signifying the end of the line for Captain Hook. What will it be this year as we anticipate your end-of-the-year giving? We promise to make it fun, but not to lessen or belittle its importance. Most non-profits count on year-end giving as around three-fourths of their annual budget. Here at the Catch, we are small, but no less dependent on this important time of the season. Pray about what might be appropriate for you as we send out the old and bring in the new.

And whatever you do, get ready for a surprise. You never know when God might shower you in a special way with His grace. It will wake you up and break your routine, and, most of all, it will be just what you need. See you tomorrow!


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