The Courageous Heart


Many times for many people within the Catch community, just waking up in the morning and getting out of bed takes a courageous heart; for others a courageous heart is one that finds its way in the darkness by following one sure star; and maybe for you, a courageous heart is one that lives one’s passion just for the merciful touch of the Lord’s hand.

I’m thinking this morning of one of our Catch community (name withheld) who is asking for strength just to get through this holiday season. Hers is a bittersweet story of love lost and found. She and her husband were married twice — once in the ‘70s for six years ending in divorce, and then reunited in 2005 “into a true Christian marriage” and never apart until last Christmas Eve when she lost him for good to this world because “God just needed a Special Angel,” as she put it. “I just want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to love this man the second time.” Think of her at this time and pray for her and others like her who have lost loved ones to death or separation.

I swear, in heaven, we’ll be able to cry and sing at the same time.

And then I’m thinking of our own Chandler who is with us right now, somewhat miraculously, given the state he was in six months ago. His face is etched with too much  pain for a 16-year-old, but his hugs seem to go on forever. His faith is deep and real, and continually amazes me.

And then there is Marti who is reluctantly putting up with me — trying to maintain a cheerful heart while pushing my Scrooge-like countenance up Christmas Tree Lane. Come on, John: Enter in. As the carol says: “The dear Christ enters in.” So can I, and so can you.

We all need to take joy (with sorrow). Enter into the real life taking place all around us. Weep with those who weep; rejoice with those who rejoice. Focus on the real point of the season: that God is here among us, and He isn’t missing anything, so why should we? Seek His star; it’s always shining, whether we see it or not.

Seeking one sure star I can follow
One light fixed in the darkness
One heart calling me to give mine

A courageous heart is the center of each person within the Catch Ministry and it calls you, our community of believers to reach out to the many, many lives we touch each day — if only for one moment of mercy for the touch of His hand. He will arise and answer the courageous heart. That is the secret: when His provision meets our courage to believe — that’s when miracles happen. May you experience the miracle this Christmas and beyond.

As you consider this devotional, take time to appreciate the following song and its beautiful melody that was written for this season, this day, and especially for you.

A Courageous Heart Sings …

Sometimes …
When its dark and I’m finding my way
Seeking …
One sure star I can follow
One light fixed in the darkness
One heart calling me to give mine
And the sound and the dust of the day
All fade in the light of one passion
Calling …
For one moment of justice,
For one moment of mercy
For the touch of His hand

And the Lord Responds …

I will arise for you, I will answer,
Answer your courageous heart

Click here to listen to song.

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2 Responses to The Courageous Heart

  1. Who is calling you to give away your heart, your Courageous Heart?

  2. Kris Rudin says:

    Each morning, as I face a day filled with physical pain and crushing fatigue, my courageous heart reaches out to God for His strength, His peace, His joy, and I refuse to give in to despair. Most days, anyway. Some days it just seems too hard and I yield to despair. But, even then, God is with me and ministering to me, and just holding me in His loving arms. And then, the next day I wake up with a renewed spirit, and go out and fight the battle all over again. With God’s help, I can persevere, even in the face of such overwhelming physical difficulties!!

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