As it should be

th-15Os Guinness pointed out that we were living at the end of 500 years of Western dominance. You don’t have to look far to see signs of this. Three blocks from where I grew up, I can drive for a mile without being able to read a sign or the name of a business because everything is in Chinese. It was not that way even thirty years ago.

Islam is the third-largest faith in the United States, after Christianity and Judaism. The chances of having a Muslim family move in next to you have risen dramatically in the last ten years. According to the 2011 Census, 2.7 million Muslims live in England and Wales where they form 5.0% of the general population and 9.1% of children under the age of five.

Travel outside of the United States and you find out that America is not revered and admired as it once was. Our power and presence in the world is shrinking. Go as missionaries to Africa and find out you want to bring some of them back to be missionaries to America, because they are following Christ more fiercely than we are. Our dominance is largely cultural now. Barbie has most likely gone farther than any one of us could go in influencing the world.

America is growing more increasingly diverse. No need to go to the world anymore; the world is coming to us. The classroom full of homogeneous white children is a thing of the past. One of my college roommates is a pastor in central California, a predominately agricultural area that resembled mid-America when we were in school. Now his church holds separate services in three different languages.

All of this is actually good for us. We have been so arrogant. We are being humbled into facing the fact that our seemingly vast country occupies a small place on this planet, and it is growing smaller by the minute. We can no longer turn a blind eye on the rest of the world. We have to learn to be good neighbors now, and in doing so, respect those who are different than us.

This all eventually comes down to you and me, and how we live our lives. We are citizens of the world and America is looking more and more like the world, and that is as it should be.

Jesus used to tell His disciples not to choose the best seat in the house. Better to be invited up by the host than to be sent back. He told them to get to the end of the line because the first will be last, and the last will be first. In other words, choose the humble place. Choose to lift up those around you. Grace turned outward starts with looking highly on those who are different.

It’s human nature to judge and fear that which is different. Yet the kingdom of God belongs first to the poor and the marginalized. Better get used to what’s different, so you will be right at home in the kingdom of heaven.

In 1979 I recorded a song that foreshadowed this Catch. For a free download click here.

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9 Responses to As it should be

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    That’s a good and fitting song to today’s Catch… 🙂

  2. I do not judge, but I disagree! My friend believes in the Palestinian petition, however, her friend when I disagreed with Angelina Jolie’s post was chastised with a hate message! Hang on and let me see if I can find it”YOU’RE ANOTHER DISGUSTING BIBLE IGNORANT ZIONIST NAZI ZOMBIE CHILD KILLERS . GET OFF MY PAGE YOU LOW LIFE SCUM OF THE EARTH! this is his response to me for saying I disagree with Angelina and you really want me to embrace this? I totally disagree. I will not embrace this so called “Love and Grace!” Because that is not what it is, it is down right hate and naturally they spawn the children, so they can dominate. I am happy others feel this is okay. I have over 65 first cousins on my father’s side, you know the good Irish Catholic folks, we blame mostly Aunt Phyllis who had almost 20 kids, no welfare, no food stamps, just a father providing for his family ( you can say a proud family) anyhow, I am left out on the loop of your suggestion, because quite frankly I will arm myself, being a military person (expert with my M-16, btw: you have my name look it up) I will shoot any person who trespasses including Odumma! Not on my watch and I am not blindsided or closed minded either. It’s called survival (Darwinism if you wish), so take it as you will, but I will not conform and that was our mistake in the first place. Most immigrants who originally came to America understood that they would have to conform to the culture that has been developed here and abides and by it. No, now we have America schools who want to remove the American flag because it offends, well B.S. it gives you freedom, so what more do they want, they want you to change your faith? What you stand for? Their culture is better? Sorry, call me what you want, but You or anyone can kiss my brass! Understand? Yeah, I totally understand as I have been shunned by my own family, persecuted by people who don’t even know me, and have been considered the “bad seed”, and now you want me in my faith to cow-tow to this liberalism of accepting a minion who is easily offended? I think not! Jesus has a lot to say about people who are easily offended and want freedom with out the sacrifice. Get back Loretta! Hate, nope, honest, Every day of the week!

    • Mark Seguin says:

      Wow that’s quite a post to read, was scared to reply – afraid i’ll get my head beat off…. LOL, anyway it was/is an interesting read… 🙂

      • Let the truth be revealed Mark! I will not bite your head off, but what I posted is the brass tax and I will stand my ground!!! I will not allow anyone to invade nor will I conform to what anyone believes as acceptable! Nope won’t do it and I will die for it, so my son or any other child can live in a free country and not be dictated by some freaking dictator that thinks he is God!

      • Mark Seguin says:

        I think I understand what you’re writing about Colleen – I too once felt that way, or very similar at least, yet Thank God someone gave me some great advice of consider reading Dale Carnegie’s: “How to Win Friend’s & Influence People” Thank God I took the time to read it!

        I’ve read it a few times and continue to re-read it often – to learn people skills and to become a much better witness for my Savoir & Lord…

  3. Mark, I had the book, but didn’t have the time to read it and so it is no longer relevant for me. When I relocated to the Midwest I got rid of almost everything and started rebuilding when I moved here. I am in the process of moving into a farm house, starting school again and trying to piece my life back together again. As far as trying to “Win” friends, it doesn’t make sense to me. Btw: People are easily influenced in today’s times, because we are in such a lost state and that is nothing new. However, we seem to be in such a disarray society the left truly doesn’t know what the right is doing,lol. But, back to the basics when you ‘win’ friends, can I ask are they real friends or fair weathered friends? Personally when I friend someone which is a difficult task for the other person I am a life long friend regardless of what you or anyone has done I will have your back, but with winning friends are they there when tragedy strikes? Or is it the infamous, well nice to know you, but gotta run? Besides the few people who know me best always say they are glad they are this side of the fence than the other side, I totally disagree with injustice. Love you brother

    • Mark Seguin says:

      Love you too Colleen… and Today’s Catch I think defined how Jesus Christ asked us to show ‘people skills.’ and to be good, or great witness for Him and His love.
      Dale C’s just gives some very practical ways to apply them in everyday life. As far as finding time goes: NO-ONE HAS or finds the time to make themselves better – they make the time… 🙂

  4. Jesus was not looking to win a popularity status and avoided it many times in scripture! Being complacive is not where 1 should want to be. Yes, Jesus gave us people skills, but he never said to cow tow to appeal to them. He may have been meek in his dealings, but he was far from weak in his belief in the people he dealt with. He told us as his disciples that we should be wise as a viper, but gentle as a dove. What does that look like to you? To “gain” friends do you abandon what you believe to appease you new found friends? This can be a fine line and close to people pleasing, so who do you want to please more? The friends you won? or God?

    • Mark Seguin says:

      Colleen T: I’d highly suggest reading a few books to learn how to still please the Lord, yet use people skills to be a good or better witness for our God – I still have not mastered this, yet know that I know it’s surely is possible! One of the reasons I continue to read and re-read this books:

      You’re aware of the people skills book, Dale C. and i would also suggest Dr. Robert Rohm’s DISC Method of understanding personality types.

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