Let Love rule

B. Haley

B. Haley

When you look at our country socially and economically, you can conclude that much been accomplished in America since Dr. King marched. I mean, we have an African American president, for heaven’s sake. What would he think of that?

Well, he might not think a whole lot if he looked far enough to find Ferguson, Missouri. In other words, our attitudes may not have gone as far as our policies have. Dan, one of our Catch readers, wrote me yesterday:

Amazing how we’re in a very similar space, as a country now. What’s changed? What’s the same? Are we confronting something new? Do we really deal with these basic human rights — the social injustices that seem to leak into the headlines — with thorough resolution, or do we just negotiate the next compromised workable and affordable fresh form of repression, until there’s another leak of reality, here in American, our City, or somewhere else in our world.  Slavery is more prevalent now, then in any other time in history. Apathy gives power to darkness. Fear will rule us. It will keep us turning a blind eye until we’re hit by the shrapnel in our own lives… No one gets out of here alive. We should let Love lead, not Fear. We all need to march. Thank God for Dr King.

Racism is an attitude of the heart. Fear is an attitude of the heart. Love is an attitude of the heart. We can all, whatever state we are in, decide what will rule our hearts. As followers of Jesus and purveyors of the Gospel of Welcome, when it comes to what rules out hearts, Love is our choice. It will always be our choice. And should you be interested in listening to a sort of modern day Dr. King, I suggest you check out our interview with B. Haley, drummer with the gospel rap group, TobyMac. Find out what one man (a former resident of Ferguson, Missouri, by the way) is putting in his heart. Find out what that looks like and how you and I can make a difference in our part of the world.

Let’s follow Dr. King up over that hill where we last saw him with Abraham, John and Bobby. Click on B. Haley’s picture at the top of this Catch to link to our interview.

“Let freedom ring” … (freedom to Love, that is). Keep on walking. Keep on marching. Don’t ever stop.

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4 Responses to Let Love rule

  1. Sandie says:

    I am not sure who said this, but I am reminded of the quote…”All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.”

    • Margie Tomlinson says:

      A very good memory..the original quote by Edmond Burke was from the 1790’s but is true for all times. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Thanks for the reminder. Margie T.

  2. Mark Seguin says:

    A big Amen to this: “Let freedom ring” … (freedom to Love, that is). Keep on walking. Keep on marching. Don’t ever stop.
    PS thx 4 the good quote Sandie and 4 who said it Margie T. appreciate it and both of you ladies…

  3. Kathy Willis says:

    I’ve always believed that love is the answer to everything. I don’t believe you have to be a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Agnostic, or any religion or non religion to believe in the power of love.

    Wish you all enough….

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