‘I can only breathe your name’

safe_image.phpBut you are in my heart
I can feel your beat
And you move my mind
From behind the wheel
When I lose control
I can only breathe your name
I can only breathe your name

I was in the local market late last night getting a few things for the next day when grace came and got me over the speakers. Took me right out of the aisle I was in by the chips and crackers and lifted me up and clear out of that place. I knew the song; I knew the voice; I just didn’t expect it in Ralphs at 9:52 at night.

It was grace that got me. I’m sure of it. She even sang about it.

So many days within this race
I need the truth
I need some grace
I need the path
To find my place
I need some truth
I need some grace

She sang about it, and she brought it, maybe not to everybody, but she brought it to me, or maybe I should say the Lord brought it through her to me. It was, for sure, grace, brought inward  by the writers and creators of the music of Sixpence None the Richer, and grace turned outward by the haunting voice of lead singer, Leigh Nash.

This is what happens when Christians live with grace turned outward to the world. It shows up in everything they do, and it can go anywhere. In this instance it showed up in a grocery store. Here’s how that happened:

Sixpence None the Richer is a Christian group that has enjoyed some success outside the Christian market. They did that because their music and their sound was so good and so original, it escaped the limited boundaries of Christian music. It was just too good to be only for Christians. What they were creating, much to the benefit of the world, ceased to be Christian music, and just became good music that happened to be created by Christians. Once that happens, it can go anywhere good music goes, like the playlist of a supermarket, or the soundtrack of a movie, or right here in the Catch, as it is today.

It happens with everything. The quality of what we do lends credibility to what we say. That’s why we can’t slack. That’s why we do everything well — to the glory of God, in fact, wrote Paul; as did Johann Sebastian Bach, on every piece of music he wrote. How can you do something half-baked to the glory of God?

And when you do that, grace is inevitably going to be turned outward to the world. It won’t need an explanation; it will just be grace turned outward, and the world will benefit. It will be the grace shown us by Christ reflected out through our lives to everyone around us.

That’s what you have to do with grace. You let it in and then you let it out. Like breathing. Like breathing the name of Jesus in Ralphs. Twice. In case you didn’t get it the first time.

I can only breathe your name
I can only breathe your name

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