The Grace Curve

The Grace Curve

The Grace Curve

God grades on the curve, and it always goes down before it comes up.

Grace is not just a neat thing you find out about usually later in your walk as a Christian. It is a reorienting of your whole approach to life. It’s not like we all try to become Christians for a while until we finally discover the grace of God. It’s more like we try everything spiritually — every religious self-help group we can find, every document for change we can uncover, every book or seminar we can find, until nothing works and we come up empty in our souls — bankrupt from the word go — and then we realize, it was never supposed to be that way anyway.

God is not waiting for us to pull our lives together; God is waiting for us to give up trying.

Our job as grace-inspired people is not to work, but to quit working. That’s not to say we won’t be working hard once we get it; it means we will work on an entirely different basis than we worked before. Before we worked to earn something; now we work because of discovering who we are in Christ.

Truth of the matter is, we can’t find this out any other way. Grace only comes to those who try and fail. You’ve got to go through the old covenant to get to the new one. You’ve got to feel the pressure of the law and your inability to perform it, before you can be “saved by grace.”

It’s not try and fail until you finally succeed. It’s try and fail until you realize you’ll never get there by trying. It’s only when you give up, that you get it. You fail. You get off the treadmill. You hit bottom. You surrender. Then you get it.

I was in church yesterday when I was reminded that grace is like we were all born on third base and think we hit a triple. We didn’t. We didn’t do anything. Whatever we tried to do only got in the way. Whatever we got, we got by grace. Our spiritual gifts are just that: gifts. We did nothing to earn them. We just woke up on third base, but we didn’t hit a triple. God put us there.

We think God grades on some sort of ascending scale as we seek to be better and better. But no, He grades on the curve, and the curve always goes down before it comes up.

I’d also like to believe that once we learned this secret, we don’t have to learn it again, but that isn’t true either. We have to keep learning it over and over. The old pattern of achievement-oriented success is so fully a part of who we are that it will never go away.

The Grace Curve (see chart) could be the map of my life; it could also be the map of the last 24 hours, and most likely the next 24 hours for that matter.

Will we ever learn this? Yes, but not without having to learn it again … and again … and again.

“I feel that the Catch community already serves and should continue to grow as a “City of Refuge” or, if you will, a “City of Welcome”  for EVERYone.We as members need to set aside whatever pettiness, fears, or judgments that stunt both our personal growth and the Catch community’s expansion.There IS Hope for everyone beyond that which we can see.Embrace Him with all of your heart, soul, strength, and mind!”

– Bob near Seattle



More than funds, facilities and food, the most needed resource required for sustainability in the Catch Ministry is the making of disciples of Christ. If we fail at that, forget the sustainability of our ministry. In an agricultural world ‘Renewable Resources’ are huge. For something to be labeled as a Renewable Resource it must be both natural (in product and process) and of benefit. Developing disciples is a spiritual process that is the natural/normal ministry of the Catch. A disciple is one who benefits the cause of Christ in the world.



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4 Responses to The Grace Curve

  1. TimC says:

    Very interesting indeed. And it’s interesting … at church we recently started a series on Deuteronomy. Our pastor pointed out that when we read Deuteronomy we see laws and legalism. But when Jesus and Paul read Deuteronomy they saw grace and faith. Look at Abraham; he was saved by faith before there was a written law. Look at the children of Israel; those who believed God had victory in the Promised Land; those who had no faith in God died in the wilderness. And it goes on throughout the Old Testament; those who believed God were saved by their faith. Even the Old Testament is all about grace and faith.

  2. Colleen Thake says:

    This is why God built on the Abraham seed, because of his faithfulness. He believed God before any laws were instilled, however, Moses did not make it to the promise land not because he didn’t have faith, think about it, Moses was the only one who got a glimpse of God’s glory in the mount. He did not make it to the promise land because his anger made him disobey God, but God buried Moses himself! Just saying and believe me when I tell you I know very little, because I am in a rut in my faith, but thankful I have just that Faith and I enjoy all the lumps and bumps in my road no matter what the day brings, BREATHE, yup woke up this morning, so I know I have a fresh start, a new beginning, a new day, until sundown! Yep and I start again and ask the Lord to join me in my day whatever it may bring. Don’t understand it, but grace is abound 😉

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