Switched on

th-22For the last two Catches, Marti has been asking us to think about the kingdom of God. Nothing new about that. We’ve always talked a lot about the kingdom of God especially when it comes to being out in the world. The kingdom is always part of the discussion when we talk about Christians in culture. It’s the kingdom of God we look for when out in the world. It’s how we’re going to be “in the world and not of the world.” Focus on God’s rule in the world and you will always comes away with worship, because this is indeed “My Father’s World.”

But Marti brought a new perspective. She started to play “small ball” in light of her newfound baseball expertise (now that she has her own baseball card!). She brought the kingdom of God home, and applied it to our nearest, most intimate relationships. She called us to see our responsibility to bringing the kingdom of God to our marriages, our households and our closest relationships.

I know for me, there has been a consistent temptation to miss my responsibility at home especially in light of a traveling ministry where I was “on” when bringing my message on the road, and “off” when coming home and giving myself the luxury of resting from that. Unfortunately my spiritual leadership at home has suffered greatly from that kind of thinking. It’s as if I have a right to unplug at home. Like a husband who doesn’t want to bring his work home with him, I have been an “on” and “off” spiritual leader.

I am called to bring the kingdom of God first to my house, then to my neighborhood and finally the world outside my community. I assumed that if I was serving the kingdom of God out in the wider world it would somehow follow me home without any effort on my part. Not true. No trickle down for the spiritual leader.

A number of our faithful male readers wrote in about how Marti’s Catches had “caught” them unawares and was a timely inspiration to them. On of them wrote: “Marti’s message has illuminated my shortcomings as a husband and Jesus follower, yet, because of her self-reflection and very wise and and surgical exposition of this most, most important truth from the author of all truth, I feel a hope and sense of clarity that can only be from the Spirit of Jesus.”

I am adding myself to this group and asking for prayer for all of us, that we start seeing and serving the kingdom of God right here closest to home. It’s a matter of being available to God’s power all the time. It’s a matter of keeping that switch switched on.

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