21-Day Challenge, Q & A

thOkay, I give. What’s the 21-Day Challenge?

Well, you’ve heard of the 40 Days of Purpose? This is nothing like that.

For the next 21 Catches, I will be writing from what we call here The New Covenant Passage, 2 Corinthians 2:12-4:12. (The complete passage runs to 6:13, but this is the heart of it.) With each day’s Catch, there is going to be a challenge that will involve your creativity to explore personally the deeper ramifications of the passage for that day, in some cases involving reporting on some aspect of acting out part of it in your life. Then we will all react via Facebook by telling a story, or posting a picture or a video, enabling us all to share in each other’s insights. The end result will be a much deeper understanding of what the new covenant means in our lives as we integrate it into our shared experiences.

Plus, my wife, Marti, the “So what?” of my speaking and writing, is the one who will be coming up with the challenges, and believe me, it’s going to be good. She gets you facing stuff you never knew was there. You will not want to miss a day!

You’re always talking about this passage – i.e., the 12-step series on the website, and lots of your Catches already – is this the only passages of scripture you know?

No, but in our thinking, none is more important, yet least understood. It’s least understood because it is contrary to our natural inclinations as human beings. Consequently, if we aren’t aware of the new covenant, chances are, we are not enjoying it in our lives. Much of popular Christianity operates in the old covenant which puts people in bondage instead of setting them free. How much of your Christian experience is frustrating versus liberating? Are we trying to live the Christian life, or is the Christian life living in us? That’s the difference, and the new covenant holds the secret.

If this is so important, why is it just in one passage? Shouldn’t it be all over the scriptures?

It is all over the scriptures. In fact, once you see it, you see it everywhere, even in the Old Testament. This is just one of the best passages to see it and understand it. The reason for that is the reason behind 2 Corinthians in the first place.

Between these two letters to the Corinthian church, Paul’s authority was being called into question by other leaders and false teachers who were in a bit of a power struggle with him over leadership in the Corinthian church. So, most of 2 Corinthians was written to re-establish Paul as an apostle of the church. And in this particular section we are looking at, he pulls back the curtain, as it were, on his life and ministry as if to say, “Look, here is who we are, and here is how we operate, and here is why this is not me, Paul, ministering to you; it’s the Lord doing the whole thing.” In doing so, he reveals the secret of his own power and authority, and the means by which we can do the same things in our lives, since we are all ministers of the new covenant.

So, what can I expect after 21 days, if I stick with this?

You can expect things like change, empowerment, freedom, vulnerability, availability, and the exhilarating experience of knowing you were used of God in someone else’s life. You can expect to have your Christian life make sense, in some cases for the first time in your life.

Finally, why is this so important?

As we look to the future of the Catch Ministry, it becomes clear that if we are going to take the Gospel of Welcome to everyone, everywhere, it’s going to be through you. We are discipling you in order for you to disciple others. It’s all about discipleship and it’s all about you, and before you can do anything in terms of ministry, you need to know this. Otherwise, you will be scared, frustrated, and needing to mask all your fears and insecurities. With the new covenant, masks come off as you discover that fears and securities are actually the key to your strength.

This could very well be the most important 21 days of your life!

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