The Santa Barbara Shooting (John’s Thoughts)

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11 Responses to The Santa Barbara Shooting (John’s Thoughts)

  1. So true, watching out for people who need to know they count. That can even be ourselves. I’d say if someone watching this is one of those persons, don’t be afraid to seek out others and start relationships. Don’t be afraid to let others in. I know that’s got to be hard to do if you have deep mental issues, but nothing is impossible thru God.

  2. Mark Seguin says:

    Pastor John could u plz consider checking the volume maybe before u post… I’m not sure if it’s my PC or not, yet I tried listening to this 2 times and jus could not hear you very well – and i could w/ the other video u posted about reading the News, which as i wrote before i have no real big dissagreement with. Yet I’m not sure how this makes my life better, or draw closer to the Lord – and how it helps me full-fill this verse: “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” which is Phil 4:8 – luv to read your answer about how reading a Newspaper, or knowing this is going to make my life better and what say u according to that verse?
    PS may i also plz suggest the time it took u to make & post this video, u could have used it to read and replied to other Catch question and or remarks… 🙂

  3. Deanne says:

    Sorry, but I must second his comment about the volume. I tried everything i know and still couldn’t hear enough to even comment. Can you repost it louder?

  4. Lynn says:

    First of all, the volume is fine on this video on my computer. Mark, I think that John’s comments in this piece help us to think about how we can be the hands & feet of Jesus to heal hurting people in the face of tragic events. I appreciate him sharing about how the perpetrator’s & victim’s fathers are working together to try to make a difference instead of fingering pointing & accusing one another. Jesus is pleased, I’m sure, with their efforts, and their efforts are an example to each of us who want to be like Jesus in the world we live in. Thanks, John, for your thoughtful comments.

    • Mark Seguin says:

      Thx Lynn… and I think/believe Deanne mentioned poor sound too… i do agree it’s great too how perpetrator’s & victim’s fathers are working together and not, as often happens pointing fingers…
      PS so… in-order to be “like Jesus” we somehow or another need to hear of the bad and negative things – and yet that seemly is not what i read in the Bible how God teaches, according to the verse above Phil 4:8 – I jus enjoy trying to get others to think differently, or more positively (sp?) 🙂

      • jwfisch says:

        Mark, Philippians 4:8 is not about what we see or are exposed to in the world. It is about what we “think about.” What I did here is exactly what Paul is asking us to do. Look at the world and come away with something noble, true or worthy of praise. Philippians 4:8 is not telling us to avoid the world; it is telling us how to engage it.

      • Mark Seguin says:

        Much thx 4 your answer Pastor John, appreciate it and u explain the application of that verse – I think I need to leave the Catch 4 a while – been getting way too negative and it no-longer feels good or right to be here…

        At least there was an answer giving by you and didn’t have to wait, what was it one or two weeks ago when I commented on the White/Black Horse Catch (and was agree with by another Catch member) and suggested reading it or opening your mind to think and consider reading it when u have been born has a black person, yet all I got was a $&!#@* politician’s answer, which as nothing to do w/ the point of the comments/questions about opening up your mind – as I wrote above – but we did get the date it was published…

        PS I’m getting soo sick and tried of question comments not being answered and for the most part – their ignored – as if there not answered they’ll be forgotten about and that to me, and me alone – for I understand and fully know all I can speak 4 is myself, yet not answering and ignoring comments than thinking that will be a good way of handling it – is one of the most childish things I’ve ever heard of and experienced! Or saying a made a mistake as in “Jesus could have been a Communist” and four other not including me people, so a total of 5 other Catch members comment their confusion about it, yet all we get is I wouldn’t have wrote it any differently (which has to be one of the most self righteous things I’ve read it a while! I have tried to forgive, yet darn it, it’s soooo much easier when someone ask for it and can admit to making a mistake) and then another Catch “says” I opened up a can of worms – Never admitting to making a mistake an offering an apology for it, yet this is the person that suggested to instead of going to a Bible Study read “How to Win Friends…” most of my friend & Biz partners know that is one of my all time favorite books – But I’d never tell someone to read it other than going to a Bible study – maybe becauz I’ve been lead to believe (cannot think of the chapter & verse) that God puts His word, the Bible higher than Him. I’m done! Bye Catch members 4 a while, I am pretty sure I’ll be back sometime, but right now 4 my own good – I need to leave!

  5. Cathy says:

    I agree with Lynn, I heard John’s video just was plenty loud; same as past videos I’ve listened to. In fact, I agree with everything Lynn wrote in her comments so I’m not going to repeat what she wrote or embellish upon it. It summed up what I want to express. I appreciate everyone’s comments though…but especially I appreciate John’s heart and motive for saying what he did on such a tough topic.

  6. Janet says:

    What do you say after a tragedy? What do you write? I appreciate that we could hear John’s voice and emotion through his response to this hideous shooting. The closer a tragedy is to us the more we feel affected. I appreciate John speaking from the heart and responding to a situation that seems unimaginable and can leave us feeling devastated. John reminds us of the HOPE of Christ through the actions of these two fathers.

  7. CM says:

    John, thank you for your comments. I’m just “catching up” on some of the previous Catches, and this video really hit me – having just attended an OSHA presentation on prevention and response to workplace violence, and having a personal encounter on Memorial Day Weekend. The inservice dealt with responding to situations of an active shooter, and keeping yourself and others alive. I was amazed at how many church groups were in attendance. The majority of time was spent on being creative, reading the warning signs of potential violence. In the vast majority of incidents there are multiple warning signs, yet our tendency is to freeze out of disbelief. On Memorial Day Weekend, my family stopped at a local gas station, when a gentlemen came around a corner and began yelling at a person in a house across the street that he was going to “get my $&%#$ gun.” He then proceeded to get into his car, but did not leave. Moments later the police arrived, and my wife and I approached the officer to provide our eyewitness account of the situation. The gentlemen in question accused us of lying, called us racists, and contradicted others’ testimony as well. It looked just like an episode of Cops. Later, as my wife and I discussed why we immediately responded, a good part of the reason was that it is our home town, and we know many families. Out of concern, we did not want anyone to get hurt or killed (including us). But then I asked myself if I would do it again as a stranger in another city? I must admit that I might be more inclined to get in my car and speed away – leaving the matter for someone else to deal with. Calling 911 after securing your own safety is actually the best plan in a reaction to an active shooter. But we live in a smaller world. Santa Barbara, Columbine, VT – we’re all connected on some level, and while the odds are small that we will encounter an active shooter, we all have a higher probability of experiencing some firsthand form of violence. It really does come down to prevention, because the police will be arriving in 4-10 minutes after the carnage may have already started.

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