Kicking some 90-pound butt

thBrokenness can’t be just a one time thing.

When Paul says, “When I am weak, then I am strong,” is he implying that the strength makes him no longer weak, or that the weakness is a continual doorway into his strength in Christ? It has to be the latter, especially since the context of this statement is what Paul called a “thorn in the flesh” that God saw fit not to remove. That thorn – that weakness or brokenness – is a continual reminder of where his strength lies.

We’re not talking about a 90-pound weakling who gets tired of getting sand kicked in his face and goes an works out for a couple months so he can build up some muscle and go out there and kick some butt.

We’re talking more about what our friend Mark has to deal with every day as the results of a car accident and stroke that left him with a speech impediment and physical infirmity that causes him to have to get around in a motorized wheelchair. Mark wakes up every morning as a broken man. God so far has chosen not to change anything about that. He is not fixing Mark’s infirmity; He is asking Mark to find His strength each and every day, in and through this weakness.

Now I’m sure Mark could choose to be angry about this, or he could sulk and brood over it, or he could decide to shrug it off and go forward in God’s strength exhibiting hope, thankfulness and courage. It’s a choice he faces all the time.

It’s actually the same for all of us. We all have mental and emotional handicaps that keep us broken every day. We all wake up every morning as broken men and women. Unlike Mark, some of us can hide these pretty well. We might choose to focus on our strengths and ignore our disabilities as long as we can get away with it. But that is not transformation; that is coping.

God wants to transform us. Not that He will turn the 90-pound weakling into a 160-pound muscleman, but He wants to show His strength through every one of those 90 little pounds. He wants to empower us in our brokenness so that we, and every one else who knows us, will know where we get our strength. In other words, He wants us to kick some 90-pound butt.

This is what I meant yesterday by focusing on where you are broken. The question remains, what will we do about that? Sulk, brood, be angry, or be transformed. It’s a choice we all face every day, throughout the day.

That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. (2 Corinthians 12:10)

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4 Responses to Kicking some 90-pound butt

  1. Peter Leenheer says:

    Mark, it brought tears to my eyes to hear your story. You asked God why has this happened to me? It seemed to me that sharing it with the Catch members has been a blessing for all of them. There are others in similar circumstances like you who are bitter and angry at God and at themselves. Their lives are miserable. You are not that way. Perhaps what happened to you was meant for such a time as this…..Esther 4:14b (not verbatim). I certainly think so, and thank you for blessing my life.

  2. Mark Seguin says:

    Dear Pastor John, thank-you 4 your comments and you humbled me today by reading today’s Catch, which I am deeply thank you for you and all of the Catch members… And my friend and brother-in-the Lord Peter Leenheer I’d like to thank-you also 4 your kind comments, I appreciate you and it.
    PS a bit more of the story if y’all don’t mind reading it – a few days after I had fully awoke from the coma, one of my other brother’s, his wife, my younger sister and her husband stopped by my hospital room and brought me @ the time was one of my favorite Chinese dinners and has I was eating it and just having a grand ol’ time w/ them there – All of a sudden, my sister starting crying. She told me we have something to tell you and man on man did that scare the be-Jesus out of me! Thinking she’s going to tell me I’m dying from something wrong w/ my brain. (I knew that I had some brain damage because here I was once a college engineering student, plus an algebra & calculus tutor and now I could hardly do the numbers 1 – 12 times table)

    I guess she and all of them could see my worried and greatly concerned face, then they all started giggling, which left me even more dumfounded! My brother Carl goes Mark what Renee wanted to tell you that from seeing all of theses Church people coming to visit you (back then I had two churches, one I was attending and one was the one were I had accepted Jesus as my Savoir) So all of these people had made a good impression on them, becauz of their kindness and luv 4 me and they had accepted the Lord as their Savoir and eventually my Dad did too – I like to think my Mom was a Christian even thou she wouldn’t call herself ‘born-again’ – she was she just didn’t use that term, plus since then my brother-in-law Jim (Renee’s husband) nephew had passed away from Cancer and we all prayed (because as Jim said he was to close to try to explain the Gospel Good News to him) so thru these prayers a few other Christian Pastors who jus happened to be visiting the hospital and were told in their hearts (the Holy Spirit @ work yet again) to go to his room, which they led him to the Lord two days before he passed away!

    Another cool story I jus learned about, a few may remember me posting about my youngest sister finding her son died in their garage – well I’ve been told because he was going thru a hard time w/ drugs, Renee told me when her & Jim went to visited them 4 Christmas up-North here in Michigan they all went to this nice Church 4 a Christmas play, where she met this nice gentleman that is a drug consular and he told Renee he had led my nephew to the Lord also! Now isn’t that so very cool! There are people in heaven and people that will share w/ us the greatness and goodness of God’s grace all because I once had a car-accident!

    Praise God! 🙂
    PSS enough about me, i’d luv to read others story too…

  3. Nolan says:

    Hi all

    Mark your story is incredible. I pray that you will make a full recovery in Gods time.
    My story is one of chronic illness leading to anxiety and depression. Nearly two years ago now my wife went overseas leaving me alone which resulted in a realisation of how alone I truly was. I ended up breaking down in tears on the phone with my mother and landed up at my Aunt and Uncles that evening while my mother drove down from the farm to be with me. I spoke to my wife and she hopped on a plane and came back to support me. How humbling was that? A grown man falling to pieces because he could not stand to look at what his life had become. Fortunately, my Aunt and Uncle are Christians and they ministered to me that night and helped me with advice and encouragement going forward. I came back to the Lord and submitted to him acknowledging my weakness and my utter dependence on him. I won’t say that everything has been easy since then. It has been a long road but I can clearly see Gods presence in my life now and I am slowly becoming the man that I would like to be and (more importantly) the man that I think God always wanted me to be. It took a complete and utter breakdown for me to finally come to God and be born again but (as tough as it was) I would not exchange that horrible night for any other more pleasant experience. It is because of that breakdown that I am where I am tonight and I thank God for it.

    • Mark Seguin says:

      And i too thank our loving God 4 you Nolan and thx 4 sharing your story, appreciate it and you… 🙂
      PS i think i understand u when u write: “I would not exchange that horrible night for any other more pleasant experience.” Me too! I luv my life and would not exchange my experiences… 🙂

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