God gave gifts to men and women.

Deborah was a judge in Israel before there were kings, when judges ruled. She was also a counselor and a warrior, leading a successful attack against the forces of Jabin, king of Canaan, and his military commander, Sisera. The latter was killed by Jael, Heber’s wife, who hammered a tent peg through his head while he slept. You did not want to mess with these women.

Abigail risked her life by putting herself in the way of David and his mighty men who were about to take revenge on her foolish husband and shed innocent blood. For this, she was praised and later became David’s wife.

Esther, a Jew, assumed the place of Queen of Persia when her people were in exile there, because she was ready for “such a time as this.”

Rahab, a Canaanite prostitute, believed Joshua and the spies from Israel were from God, and hid them in her house rather than turn them over to ruling the authorities.

Ruth, a Moabite, clung to a Jewish widow and cast her lot in support of a foreign people because she knew they were of God.

Joanna, Susanna and many other women who followed Jesus helped to support Him and His disciples “out of their own means.”

Lydia, the first to be converted, the first to be baptized, the first to open her home as a meeting place for the believers in Philippi, and Priscilla were key influencers in the early church.

Throughout history, God gave gifts to men and women. Those who think otherwise are following tradition and culture, not the word of God.

In the late 1980s, when Marti was Executive Director of a five-city Chamber of Commerce in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and served on the board of the Y.W.C.A., she founded and organized a Vanguard Awards ceremony to honor women in the forefront of business, industry and community service. I wrote and performed the following song at the event. Click on the picture to listen to and/or download the song. To the women of the Bible, and the women of today who answer the call.

words & music by John Fischer

She’s a rebel
She’s a lady
She’s a ticket to a Broadway show
There’s no doubt that
She’s a winner
No beginner you have got to know that

She is walking into all situations
She is working hard
She’s a leader in a new generation

She’s a servant
Of the people
She’s a sentry of the human soul
She’s a heart of
She can see the highest goal

She is walking into all situations
She is working hard
She’s a leader in a new generation

Keeping all her fears down under
Against the flow
The price she pays is high no wonder
Only a few will know

There’s a purpose
In her posture
There’s a wisdom in her widening eyes
She makes a pathway
With her footsteps
With her hand she takes the prize

She is walking into all situations
She is working hard
She’s a leader in a new generation

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2 Responses to Vanguard

  1. Mark Seguin says:

    That Marti she’s surely a blessing!
    PS John: i wonder how she may feel if she asked you to answer a question 3 times, yet you didn’t.. 🙂

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