Make someone’s day

Here are some questions to mull over and then hopefully do something about.

How are we as Christians making the world a better place for people who aren’t Christians to live in? Are we improving the lives of those around us? Are we adding to someone’s day or taking away from it? Can you honestly say that the world around you is a better place because you are in it?

Are you making a contribution in the neighborhood? Are you bringing people together? Did you smile for someone today? Did you notice someone?

Did you ask someone to tell you about their hopes and dreams? Did you ask them about their kids, and did you listen when they told you? Did you try to find out about someone just to find out, not to get somewhere or do anything with the information?

th-1Summer is here. It’s going to get warmer. How about organizing a block party with all the neighbors? Or just invite someone over.

Is the P.T.A. asking for help? Does your summer school teacher need volunteers to drive on that field trip? Will the soccer team need a parent manager next fall?

And what about the Chamber of Commerce? Are you a member? Or the library? Or the soup kitchen (no, not the one the church is sponsoring but the one the community set up)?

Got an extra ticket to the ball game? How about taking the guy across the street instead of your best Christian buddy?

What are you doing right now? Can you make someone’s day?

Do you know Jesus? Do you want others to know Him too? A good place to begin would be to make someone happy that they know you.


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3 Responses to Make someone’s day

  1. Mark S. says:

    well, i had a nice experience this morning, as i left my place to go 4 my morning’s walk, and while waiting 4 the elevator a nieghbor (sp?) was waiting 4 it too, so i said hope you have a nice & pleasent day today – she said something like it will be the same ol’ same ol’ – how ’bout with you? I polietly (sp?) said i don’t let myself think like that, so she goes as we’re getting in the elevator what do u mean? i meantioned the only think i can control is my attitutde – no thing else! She smiles and goes you know Mark we should talk someday you always seem to have a smile for me and a nice hello, so i told her well plz feel free to stop by my place anytime for a coffee, or tea – she said has she was walking out of the elevator, i’ll do that someday soon and smiles and thanked me, which lil did she know, she had added to my day too! 🙂

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