Red, white and blue

IMG_0562I put the flag out today.

Today there will be beach, volley ball and barbecue. Someone will get too much sun and turn red. Someone will spill sauce on their new white T-shirt. Someone will jam a thumb and have it turn blue.

I put the flag out today.

Someone will get caught in the rip and a lifeguard will throw him a bright red float to hang onto. Someone will turn white when they take off their shirt in public for the first time since last September. Someone will dump a basket of fresh blueberries in the fruit salad. One will miss the bowl staining the white towel under it.

I put the flag out today.

Lots of red meat will be barbecued today. Lots of blue popsicles will drip on white sand in the sun.

I put the flag out today.

There will be blue sky, a red sunset and bright white lights twinkling after dark.

I put the flag out today and looked up what the colors meant, if anything. Oldest sources agree: Red represents hardiness and valor. White means purity and innocence, while blue denotes vigilance, perseverance, justice.

All together, in one flag, they represent someone who never made it home.

There are rows and rows of those flags in cemeteries across America. We remember them today, but who do you thank?

I put the flag out today.IMG_0562

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2 Responses to Red, white and blue

  1. Kathy Willis says:

    Who do we thank? We thank the thousands of men and women currently serving, we thank the thousands of our wounded warriors, we thank the waiting spouses and families, most of all we thank our surviving veterans! That’s who we thank!

    Wish you all enough

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