When a house is not a home

This has been a devastating week for so many in Oklahoma and a rather challenging one for us here at the Catch. We have been planning a monthly subscriber campaign for some time, and we chose to make the three clicks of Dorothy’s shoes in the famous turn of the century children’s novel a fun and catchy way to get you guys to think about clicking your support for the Catch into the future. As you know that story begins with a tornado that throws Dorothy into an imaginary world of adventures from which only three clicks of her ruby red shoes will bring her back. There’s no way we could have known that a real tornado was going to strike at the same time we launched our “3 Clicks” campaign.

In an attempt to stay the course and still be sensitive to so many who lost their houses, I failed to realize that the lighthearted nature of some of our material previously created might appear inconsiderate to some, and for that, I apologize. All talk about house and home becomes painfully raw when you see the devastation wrought by such a powerful, random event.

However, as painful as it must be for many in Oklahoma, and for those of us who feel their pain, life goes on. There is a certain inevitability to this. Even those who will feel the loss of loved ones every day for the rest of their lives, still have to pick up the pieces and keep going. And the sooner we all find something to laugh about, the better.

Besides, home is still home. For thousands of families in Oklahoma, home will have to be in another house, or a hotel, but it will still be home. That’s because a house is not a home. Four walls and a roof does not a home make. People make a home, and that home can happen anywhere. Houses were destroyed, but for many, homes will be made even stronger.

There is a sense in which all of us will eventually lose our houses here, because our dwelling on earth is only temporary, and Jesus is preparing us a place in eternity where we will be home with Him forever. The important thing here is to create a home where God is served and love and acceptance rules — a place where the Gospel of Welcome can welcome many more home into His family. That is our goal, and our goal for you. So while we are here, your 3 clicks will help get us almost home. Thank you, and pray for Oklahoma.

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