George Washington slept here (and so did Primus)

thIn this our last day of President’s Week, we celebrate the birthday of America’s first President, George Washington. In looking through some anecdotes about his life it appears that he was a man of prayer, for he was often found carry out a practice familiar to Jesus, having removed himself apart from company that he might have a few moments alone on his knees before God.

Once when Washington was staying overnight at the home of one of his colonels, he woke up in the night to find Primus, the black servant at the home, sitting up with no place to lie down. After insisting that there was enough straw and blanket for the both of them, he finally persuaded (ordered) the servant, after repeated refusals to do so, to lie down next to him under the same blanket. Even a small, insignificant gesture such as this lends credibility to his later calls, as the leader of the fledgling democracy, to observe justice. Kind of lends new meaning to the “George Washington slept here” phrase. George Washington slept here (and so did Primus).

In his farewell address at the end of his second term as President, Washington gave a charge that could well be heeded today by many who are putting their own agendas over that of others and causing great divide in the country. America is not the same as the kingdom of God, but it was founded by those with keen, open minds and big hearts, and many of them, like Washington, were people of prayer. We need to pay heed to this advice today and herald the diversity of our founding fathers along with their faith. Whatever country you belong to, these are words of truth.

“Beware of attacks upon the Constitution. Beware of those who think more of their party than of their country. Promote education. Observe justice. Treat with good faith all nations. Adhere to the right. Be united — be united. Love your country.”

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1 Response to George Washington slept here (and so did Primus)

  1. Peter Leenheer says:

    This story about George Washington amazed me. I am not sure if I got all the details right. Those who know for sure can correct me. I hope that this story fortifies today’s devotional.

    When George Washington was president or just before, a native chief came up to him and said, Ï want to meet the man who God would not let die”. He was referring to the French and Indian War battle with General Braddock some 15 years before in the 1750’s. After the battle all horse mounted officers were down except Washington and he had four bullet holes in his clothing. He had written this to a close relative in a letter stating that God had saved him.

    The chief told an even more miraculous story. He stated that he told his men to concentrate their gun fire on Washington and the chief said that he personally shot at Washington between 15 and 20 times. He was targeted because his military leadership was guerilla warfare and so the natives feared his inluence. The battle was a disaster. About three quarters of the men fighting for Braddock and Washington were killed. Washington’s heroism got a lot of the remaining soldiers home safely.

    Washington gave God the credit for saving him. We would hope that many would take up his role model and be God fearing people. Washington was a great man. America got a good start because of his leadership which rested totally on trust in God. What a legacy!

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