My wife pointed out that if you go with the classic filming sequence, “Lights, camera, action!” I have gotten a little ahead of myself in that I spoke of being on camera yesterday without first getting the light right. You can’t do a proper interview without proper light, whether it’s natural or artificial.

Light is everywhere but if you stop to think about what it actually is, your brain starts to hurt after a while. In physics, light behaves like a particle. It also behaves like a wave. One thing can’t be both, and yet light fully conforms to both theories. Go figure. Jesus is the paradox of the world.

The useful thing about light is not what it is, but what it does. Light reveals. Light shows what is there. Right now, your computer screen is showing you what you selected. Should your screen go dark, it wouldn’t matter what you selected because you wouldn’t be able to see anything.

A good cameraperson knows exactly how the subject is being lit. Depending on what he/she wants to show, it could be soft, harsh, shadowed or intense. But regardless of how you use it, it has to be there.

When Jesus called Himself the light of the world, He meant, among other things, that He is the means by which we see. To walk in light is to be revealed. To walk in darkness is to hide – to step out of the light – to wish not to be seen.

When we film our interviews of the women of Isaiah House, we will have plenty of light, and those who step in front of the camera will have to be willing to be seen. Some may choose not to, given their current situation, but knowing these ladies, my guess is that most of them will. They trust us. They know we are not trying to trick them or take advantage of them. They also know that we value them, and this may be an opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life. They will do this interview because they have something to say and they will be hoping someone will hear and see it.

Everyone wants to make a difference with his or her life, and if that means to report from some low point of your existence, so be it. It can be a way of saying yes, they can find meaning even in this. You see things from underneath that you can’t see from on top. Plus, there is a certain abandonment I have noticed among the Isaiah House women. Bob Dylan said it best: “When you’ve got nothin,’ you’ve got nothin’ to lose.” I’m actually worried that we are going to have trouble getting them to stop talking once they start. They have a lot to say.

But to say it, they will have to step into the light. Personally, I can’t wait to hear what they have to say. Whatever it is will be significant, definitely more significant than if they were interviewing us.

Jesus is the paradox of the world.

[News Bulletin: I will be in Rochester, NY, next week speaking in chapels at Roberts Wesleyan University Monday through Wednesday. Call the school to find exact times. Let me know by replying to this Catch or commenting on our blog if you are in the area and interested in getting together.]

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1 Response to Lights!

  1. Jay T. says:

    Love is the Light of the Universe. It’s the energy of God. It’s radiant,reflective and can be transformed. God loves me…therefore I am.
    The spectrum of light are the different Fruit of the Spirit.

    Hi John,

    Jay T. Basinger

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