Painting in the dirt of our lives


Yesterday I wrote about the story of a Mexican immigrant who drives a short-haul truck route all over Los Angeles and has found a way to express his artistic nature and training in the the dirt and muck that forms on the back of his truck. Instead of washing his truck every couple weeks, he creates a work of art there. The grime from the streets is a never-ending supply of ink on the canvas of his white truck.

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Dirty life art


Arnulfo Gonzalez is a Mexican immigrant who lives in Los Angeles. He wants to be an artist. He earned a degree in art from East Los Angeles College and attends drawing classes with his wife whenever he can. But art is not something that will support a family of four. So after trying out a number of jobs, he found that becoming a short-haul trucker on the streets and freeways of southern California suited him best.

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Where beauty comes from


I have recently been introduced to a new organization that has chosen beauty along with truth and goodness as one of its core values. I think this is splendid. Beauty has never been an important value in evangelical Christianity, at least as long as I’ve been around. It’s been there and has influenced various aspects of the Christian life, but not necessarily as a stated, intentional goal. I remember in the 1970s, Edith Schaeffer came out with a book, Hidden Art, in which she talked about the value of surrounding ourselves with beauty. It was sort of an art-in-everyday-life book. But beyond that, I know of no one who has done a lot of thinking about beauty from a Christian standpoint. We need to start.

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Beautiful words


Shari, one of our Catch readers, commented that she is currently in a book club that is reading the book, A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline. It’s a historical novel based on the life and times of Andrew Wyeth, and especially the painting “Christina’s World” which we discussed yesterday. How great that she was able to connect a novel she is reading with some insights that faith brings. We’ve been saying for some time here that one of our most important tasks is to connect faith to life.  Faith and life have to be intertwined, or faith is just a static set of beliefs that sits on a web page or on the back of a bulletin. What we have found is that art, creativity, and beauty are all around us, and that we need to have eyes to see it, appreciate it and worship God when we do.

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Jocelyn’s World


My son, Christopher took this picture recently with his cell phone on a walk with Jocelyn, our granddaughter. He texted it to us in a group text along with five other pictures and it could have easily gotten lost in there, but this one immediately jumped out at me. I was mesmerized. First, the way the picture is framed and balanced, the way the road starts and then continues further ahead, and the way Jocelyn is not the focus of the picture, gives it more the feeling of a work of art than just a snapshot he took on their walk. Whether this was intentional or accidental doesn’t matter; it looks to me like a framable piece of art.

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Welcome home, Billy Buckner



“Bill Buckner passed away early the morning of May 27th surrounded by his family. Bill fought with courage and grit as he did all things in life. Our hearts are broken but we are at peace knowing he is in the arms of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Bill was 69.” A statement from Bill’s wife, Jody Buckner.

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‘Christian’ is a noun — only


The word “Christian” makes a very bad adjective. In fact, there should be an automatic red flag that pops up in your mind every time you see or hear it, or especially when you try to use it as such. When you’re about to write or say “Christian something-or-other,” there needs to be a pause in order to make sure that is what you truly want to portray.

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If Jesus is the answer, what was the question?


Jesus is the answer for the world today

Above Him there’s no other, Jesus is the way

– Andrae Crouch

Two comments from yesterday’s Catch taken together make a Catch of their own. Andrew reminded us that Jesus ultimately has an answer for everything, but then Bob pointed out that the one big question, “Why?” stuck in his craw and sent him on a long journey from which he finally came back to Jesus.

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